"Precinct Patrol" - Pain4Fem

"Precinct Patrol" - Pain4Fem

Producer/Label: Pain4Fem; released 2007

(41:08 minutes)

Cast: Peter Schober, Helen Schober, Dominika, Karin, Nelly, Jessica Sanchez, Andy Pets

"Precinct Patrol" is Peter Schober's 23rd full scale Pain4Fem movie. Schober is playing "Karl Schwenk", an austrian policeman (and his bold Vienna accent fits very well in this role!) who starts his tour of duty in an austrian police precinct where he mets a female colleague (Dominika) who had been absent from the precint for some time.

So he tells her what has happened while she was absent and how he got along with her substitue Christina (Helen Schober). A female suspect (Karin) had been arrested and Schober was sure this girl had been involved in a burlary. He strapped her hardly to get a confession - but no chance... "Even after I trashed her like that she still says nothing. Some girls are just nuts." So at least they had to let her free.
Next scene: Schober tells his colleague about another mission he acomplished together with Helen. They had catched a young lady (Nelly) with some Extacy pills. (Supercop Karl Schwenk identifies them just by licking at the pills a little bit...) He offeres a deal to Nelly: to get jailes or to get punished with a caning. Nelly chooses the caning (of course...*grin*) but before she is caned she has to masturbate with a dildo and Karl Schwenk makes a little movie of that.
Third incident Karl Schwenk has to report is a whipping with the bullwhip of a culprit (Jessica Sanchez). Schwenk does not even remember what she had done but he rememberes that the girl wetted herself during the whipping. Jessica is whipped on the back, on the buttocks, her breasts and her belly. Moreover there is some really nice humiliating yelling by Schober against Jessica - but you have to understand the special austrian german language to get that fully... (Believe me: his yelling is quite hefty...)
Fourth and last incident: a lady blackmailer (Andy Pets). "A really tough one", as Karl Schwenk states. She is strapped over a whipping trestle and is first handspanked and than caned thorougly.

Four well done spankings, strappings and canings. Four beautiful spankees who do not fake when moaning and crying. And a Peter Schober who deliveres an austrian police officer who is as almost as weird as Helmut Qualtinger's legendary "Herr Karl". It's definitely a plus if you understand german language because otherwise you will miss a certain part of the movie's charm. (It has english subtitles so you will the story anyway.)

Criticism: no blunders, no bloopers. A well done work.

Résumé: "Precinct Patrol" is almost a satire. Officer Karl Schwenk kicking aside a tabloid displaying some "police scandal in the red light district" ("That does not concern us!") and afterwards molesting and bullying suspects with canes, straps and dildos...  Is this movie realistic in any way? It has not to be - and by the way: in country that brought out weird people like Alfred Hridlicka, Helmut Qualtinger, "Police Major Adolf Kottan" (a famous absurd tv figure from between 1976 and 1983) or Chancellor Fred Sinowatz and notorious UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, not to speak of Wolfgang Priklopil (who kidnaped Natascha Kampusch and hold her captive for 8 years) or freaking Wolfgang Fritzl... a couple of police officers who spank and cane beautiful young female suspects seem to be rather unobtrusively.

Wishlist: a guest appearance of Police Major Kottan and his assistants Paul Schremmser and Alfred Schrammel in a 90 minutes Pain4Fem movie (story located in Vienna). And please do not forget some appropriate casts for mother and wife Kottan...!

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Review written by Lucipher_T

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It must be great fun to give a woman a welted bottom,hear her scream and shout and give her more, what a wondrful job, are their any vacancies please?

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