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As some of our users may know a substantial part of english language spanking websites is produced by German producers. To them belong for instance Girls Boarding School's (GBS) legendary Headmaster Tom whose English has a stern and weird German accent, and of course his long years spankee mate Sophie.
Another German breed is Spanked-at-Home. One may speculate how tight relations between GBS and Spanked-at-Home are because a lot of spankee models appear on both sites: Maggie and Justine Rosenberg for instance, and of course - Kathrin. GBS and Spanked-at-Home are using the same model pool as well as the same identical title typography for their movies. Let's say: they are affiliated with each other very much.
By the way: this is a suitable time to notice once again that all spankee models should have a second name. (Brushstrokes of TheSpankingspot.com states this recemtly, too.) A complete name (of course an artist's name but a first and a second name) makes spankee models not only better distinguishable but expresses some appreciation for the person. For the artist. It's a kind of brand and it does not suprise most of all famous and wellknown spankee models come along with a full name: Kailee Robinson, Niki Flynn, Pandora Blake, Adele Haze, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Allison Miller, Allaura Shane...

But back to Kathrin.

This young German girl appeared in several Spanked-at-Home- and Girls-Boarding-School-movies. Most remarkable: Kathrin differs a little bit from that spankee model cliché - that spankee models have to be somewhat glamouros, handsome, beautiful girls. Kathrin really is the twenty years old girl next door with pale skin and a cute soft bottom. She always seems to be a little bit cloudy, unsmiling and withdrawn.

That's not bad. In contrary it fits very well to situations of punishment, pain and humiliation. Kathrin is just authentic when beeing punished for her misbehaviour or even more servere misdemeanours. You do not smile and you do not giggle when you are a young girl ordered by a person of authority to pull down your knickers and bend over to get caned. And afterwards Kathrin's face clearly reflects the humiliation and punishment she had suffered.

Spanked-at-Home's soundtracks are in German language without undertitles so you maybe will have some difficulties to ge the dialogues. But the dialogues are not really important. As are the stories: girl had to clean the flat and did not, girl had stolen a camera, girl had... You know that stuff. Maybe it's more important for the actors as for us viewers. Each of us - at least each of us who likes corporal punishment scenarios - has his or her own storyboard in his mind. So we just can enjoy the sound of the swishing cane, the smacking on bare skin, the moaning and - sometimes - the tears.

We have reviewed a few films of Kathrin.

Kathrin caught stealing

Starring: Kathrin

Label: Spanked-at-Home
(9:13 minutes)

Kathrin who obviously is a school girl doing her homework. Comes in Alex (her boy friend? Her brother? We do not know but he seems to be authorized to discipline her). Kathrin had been so stupid putting a new digital camera besides her on the desk. Alex wants to know where this camera is from. Kathrin swindles a little bit, Alex makes a phone call to the shop, and there we go. The girl had stolen the camera and Alex brings two canes.


Kathrin has to bent over dressed with a white blouse and a long plaid skirt. Alex hands out 7 strokes with the cane on her bottom. These strokes are not just somewhat faked as so often in corporal punishment movie clips but handed out with appropriate force. You may bet that Kathrin feels them even though her bottom is covered by the cloth.
Thievish brat then has to put off that skirt and bend over again. Kathrin now stands there ready for the ongoing punishment in her white blouse and weird white knickers with a red bordure. Another 11 strokes. Kathrin do not cry but squirms a little bit. Alex pulls down her panties and gives her another 6 strokes on the bare. Then he takes another cane which is a little bit thinner (and will sting a little bit more on the poor girl's buttocks). 15 additional strokes - and Kathrin is moaning and sobbing.Does this sound unspectacular to you? Maybe. The script isn't really inventive. But that's more than compensated by Kathrin's genuine reactions and a serious caning action. The inconspicuous girl next door is convicted of stealing and gets a sound trashing for this outright now in her room in front of her study desk.

Household Affairs

Starring: Kathrin
Label: Spanked-at-Home
(9:09 minutes)

Well known spankee Maggie (Spanked-at-Home, Girls Boarding School) seems to live with Alex and Kathrin. A kind of residential community for difficult girls it seems...
Maggie is shocked when she enteres the kitchen. Kathrin had been responsible to clean up the kitchen but left it in mess. Alex is shocked as well but he knows what to do. Corporal punishment is the sole and only appropriate sanction for this.

He shoos Kathrin out of the bed. This girl by the way has an addiction to weird underwear. Follows an over the knee spanking with a brush which undoubtedly is efficient through Kathrin's thin pyama trousers. Half a minute and countless hard swats on her bottom trousers came down. One minute constant spanking on her wobbling panties. Follow two minutes spanking with the brush on her bare buttocks.

I did not count the swats but I think it must be a 3 digit number. Kathrin grimaces and moans.
At least she gets 18 medium hard strokes with the cane on the bare.
This script isn't very inventive, too. But again I can state that the girl shows some fine reactions and all of that punishment action is real and definitely not faked.
Commendation: A fine piece of work. Cute girl, nice buttocks, appropriate no nonsense caning.
Critics: Kathrin and her bottom definitely deserve a much more better camerawork.
Resumee: Nice to have.
Wishlist: Give me that girl and the Lupus film crew. I would produce a caning movie which lives on a desperate, helpless young girl facing a painful, embarrassing and humilitating punishment she won't forget for long.

Keep it clean

Starring: Kathrin

Label: Girls Boarding School
(5:41 minutes)

A plain and simple clip. Kathrin gets a sound strapping with the tawse by Headmaster Tom. Most remarkable is Kathrin's somewhat weird punishment position but this position definitely enforces the impact of the tawse and gives the viewer a nice glimpse on Kathrin's very personal belongings...

Headmaster Tom hands it out with full force and the girl takes it very bravely. I think Kathrin definitely is a true masochist who enjoys not to enjoy the painful experience of a hard corporal punishment.
Resumee: Better camework than Spanked-at-Home.
Wishlist: Again I like to say: please do not "sell" this spankee actress under value. I think Kathrin deserves a full scale spanking and caning movie with some appropriate, intelligent and demanding script.

Written by Lucipher_T

(Screenshots by S&C; copyright for all images by Spanked-at-Home and Girls Boarding School)  

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