The Sting of the Cane

Starring: Sophie, Headmaster Tom
Label: Girls Boarding School
(Short clip - 5:04)

5 minutes 4 seconds. Plain. Simple. A girl. A caner. A cane. 25 strokes.

"The Sting of the Cane" is one of the earlier Girls-Boarding-School productions. Starring Sophie and Headmaster Tom. As you may know Sophie was Tom's spouse for a long time when they startet GBS and some affiliated spanking websites. This 5 minutes movie clips dates from the time when GBS set standards for the spanking movie business. And it sets standards of a caning movie itself.

Plain. Simple. Sophie - stripped naked completely - has to bend over a glass table. Headmaster Tom (who is never visible in the whole movie clip) hands out 25 strokes with a not too thin, not too short cane. Hard strokes. Not brutal but definitely not mild either. We see many strokes landing on Sophie's gorgeous well rounded bottom and get some facial shots, too. Sophie is gasping for breath, moaning, fighting with tears. Tom's caning  workmanship is exemplary. He hands those strokes out calmly, in a steady maner and strict.

That's all. And that's more than many, many other caning movies bring.

Commendation: one of the finest short caning clips ever made. Simple, plain - and strict action.
Critics: Technical quality of this movie clip could be better. But hey - it's a few years old. First generation of  affordable camcorders.
Resumee: Setting standards. Will be appreciated even in 50 years when Tom and Sophie might be sitting in a retirement home telling stories about yesterdays pleasures.
Wishlist: First: a comeback for Sophie. With even better scripts, better settings and at least equal quality caners and spankers. Second: a comeback for GBS. A comeback to former quality, to that outstanding pool of spankee girls.

Review written by Ancilla - Copyright for all images by Girls Boarding School

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