Institute of Discipline

Starring:  Mistress Katie, Carter (Spankee and Spanker), Eve, Liza, Kelly, Rachel, Abbi
Label: Institute of Discipline (and The Lazy Maid)
(short clips, 1:30 to ~ 6:00)
Sometimes you come across something so far unknown to you - and get thrilled within a few seconds. This happened to me with the "Institute of Discipline".

This website (and its "sister site" "The Lazy Maid") offers dozens of excellent spanking, strapping and caning movie clips.

So - what's particular with these movies?

The clips are rather short (1:30 to some 6 minutes). Technical quality is outstandig - excellent camera work, excellent lighting, excellent sound. (And, by the way... tune down your computer's speakers. Or your neighbours will get to listen to some naughty ladies yelling very loud...) Storylines? There are no real storylines. A bunch of girls and women get punished. Corporal punishment of course. Some scenarios are slightly hinted: school, gym, riding instructor...

Most of these punishements are handed out by a mistress named Katie (if I got that right), some by a switch girl named Carter who gets a lot of trashing herself. Miss Katie is a short and chubby but very attractive lady with a pair of glasses of ... let's say... ageless design. Different to so many other movie mistresses she is able to show authentic strictness.

All these movie clips bring in what I'm missing so often in bdsm and spanking movies. Real spankings. Real canings. Real strappings. No nonsense. Mistress Katie hands it out with force. Please do not misunderstand: I'm not speaking of brutality. I'm speaking of severeness. Real strictness. Canings are limited to some 12 or 18 strokes but... these are full force strokes.

The girls and ladies are just gorgeous. Beautiful, cute, sexy.

There is Carter. (Seems to be a female name, too.) Carter gets a lot of trashings and sometimes even is punished to tears. She's something like the star of the "Institute". Chenelle is a mistress who seems to have a masochistic and submissive streak, too. She is caned over her Jodpurs. Very erotic. Carter once is caned in Jodpurs, too. Those type of trousers defininitely should get more attention by spanking movie producers. Eve is a cute blonde girl who gets some school girl punishments. Amy Hunter and Kami Robertson appear in some of the "Lazy Maid" clips. Liza, Kelly, Rachel, Abbi - you will just love these girls.
Commendation: "Institute of Discipline" movies belong to the best caning and spanking movie clips published within the last few years. They easily equal the best Girls Boarding School or Firmhand Spanking movies.
Critics: really nothing except... the clips are quite short. A 30 minutes "Institute of Discipline" movie would be a real highlight.
Resumee: For long we do not have seen movies which are worth the money so much.
Wishlist: May I assist Mistress Katie? More jodpur canings. And a long, strict bare bottom caning for Michelle.

Review written by Lucipher_T - Copyright for all screenshots by Insitute of Discipline

There's a lot of bottom rubbing at Institute of Discipline...
Michelle gets the board.

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