A Sheen on my Jeans

Starring: Audrey Knight, Sir Christopher Robin
Label: TearsForAudrey.com
(11:28 minutes)

You may remember the "priceless"-campaign of Master Card which was aired in many episodes in tv commercials worldwide.

It was the inspiration for Audrey Knight's short movie clip "A Sheen on my Jeans", too. Naughty Miss Audrey goes shopping -  valet parking at the galeria ... $22.50; latte & french pastry ... $27.95; designer jeans from neiman marcus ... $278.

Yes - there are jeans which are so expensive. Jeans - you may remember - had been robust trousers for heavy work once a time. Long ago... So happens what has to happen: lying about the cost ... pricelessly painful. Naughty Audrey gets a sound spanking by Sir Christopher Robin who still had not abandoned the demanding task of disciplining this girl. Hand spanking and the hair brush on her panties and her bare bottom.

Commendation: nice to see Miss Audrey being spanked again.
Critics: as usual. Camerawork could be better. Some detailed closeups would be fine.
Resumee: this cute and naughty young lady urgently should be used for some higher quality spanking movies. Apart from that Miss Knights reservoir of weird, crazy and absurd skirts seems to be as unlimited as that of corresponding panties and knickers.
Wishlist: Six (or better a dozen) of the best with a slim and nasty cane on her tight jeans in grab your ankles-position definitely would have been a more adequate punishment for wasting money for designer jeans.

Review written by Ancilla; screenshots by S&C; copyright for all images by TearsForAudrey.com

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