The Bikini Bottom Blues

Starring: Audrey Knight, Brandon Summers

A plain and simple phantasy: girl teases boy by hosing him with a garden hose. Boy pulls girl over his knee and gives her a sound otk spanking. First a handspanking on her bikini panties and on the bare, then second dose with a hairbrush on the bare and on her bikini panties. Girl screams a little bit, fidgets and squirms.

"The Bikini Bottom Blues" follows the usual "TearsForAudrey" concept. Spanking or strapping without further ado. No big story lines, just a girl and a boy (or a man).

Commendation: if you like Audrey Knight you will like this. And honestly - it's not very difficult to like Miss Audrey Knight. She is as cute as handsome and owns a very spankable bottom.
Critics: technical quality, photographic composition and cut of this movie clip is very simple. Not so lousy as some other "TearsForAudrey" movie clips but just average.
Resumee: nice to have for all Audrey Knight fans.
Wishlist: some camerawork of the level of Firmhand Spanking or Real Spankings Institute for the forthcoming Audrey Knight movies. Closeups of her cute bottom bruised and welted. In the meanwhile some sound thrashings for Miss Knight for not having those.

Review written by Ancilla; Screenshots by S&C - copyright for all images by

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