Santa - Lupus Pictures

Starring:  Helena Kubecova (mother), Alfi Grovio (reverend), Jana Rosenbaumova (first daughter), Nicol Kralova (second daughter), Lucie Valova (third daughter).
Label: Lupus Pictures / Rigid-East
(42:21 minutes)

In many Central European countries December the 6th is the "Day of Santa Claus" (in German: "Nikolaus-Tag"). At evening before this day children put a shoe or a stocking in front of the door (of their room or their house). And next day they will find a Santa Claus' gift. If they had been well behaving during the last year.

Or they may find a rod. If they had been naughty. So it's not really surprising that Lupus Pictures / Rig-East picked up the "Santa Claus theme" as well.
"The Christmas Quiet" showed us how a peaceful christmas holidays can turn into a nightmare with a lot of punishment for naughty daughters. "Santa" is a similar story. Three fledling daughters of a conservative protestant family somewhere in Czechia have wishes - and put out the stockings to get the usal stuff.. But in their prayers they have different wishes: lingerie, erotic literature and a pink dildo.
Sometimes our prayers are heard and our wishes become reality. Santa Claus must have been a very naughty guy this night. Next the reverend visits the family and the girls in front of the whole family fetch their stockings to look what Santa Claus had brought. He brought - erotic literature, lingerie, pink dildo ...
We aren't surprised that the girls' mother (their father is not present) as well as the reverend are shocked. Disgusted. The rest is routine work. First girl has to bring the birch rod. In front of all the others she has to bend over, put her skirt up and her panties down and gets 50 strokes with the rod on her bare bottom. She cries and craves and winds herself but mother hands it out mercyless while the priest is confirming her. Never underestimate the effect of a well used birch rod. After 50 strokes the girl's buttocks are heavily bruised and welted and she kneels in the corner sobbing and moaning. Reverend is munching cookies meanwhile.

The second girl is punished with a wooden paddle but before her mother inserts a piece of ginger into her anus. She sobbs and cries like her sister and the reverend has to assist her mother and hold her down during the punishment. Her bottom is beaten literally "black and blue" with the paddle.
Daughter number three is the one with the pink dildo. She ist paddled by the reverend while her mother holds her hands.Then the reverend fetches a cane and hands out 25 full force strokes while her sisters are ordered to hold her down.
Commendation: "Santa" brings some very nice birching, paddling and caning scenes. The punishment is very hard and the girls show great (and genuine) reactions - screaming, fledgling, winding, sobbing, crying. Especially Lucie Valova has a very spankable bottom.
Critics: The story is a little bit - weird. Mixture of a fairy tale and a spanking movie. Lupus likes this genre obviously. That's okay but the story lacks of consistence a little bit. Rod, paddle, cane, ginger... A somehow confused punishment.
Resumee: Nice to see and nice to have but certainly not one of the most remarkable Lupus / Rig-East masterpieces.
Wishlist: More spanking movies with punishments administered with a birch rod. And that some very special Christmas and Santa Claus traditions may never fade.

(Review written by Lucipher_T; copyright for all images by Lupus Pictures)

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