The Christmas Quiet

The Christmas Quiet

Director: Zbysek Podhajsky
Pavel Stastny and Thomas Marco
Starring: Jan Zlatousty
as father, Sara Vilimkova as mother,  Michaela Trmotova as Anika, Maria Kralova as Hanika, Renata Sukova as maid.

Label: Lupus Pictures (2006), (40 minutes)
Holy night, silent night... Many of you know, I think, that in reality christmas days are a period with an enormously increased crime rate. Burglars, robbers and fraudsters may take a hiatus during christmas but inside our families stress, anger, quarrel and violence are blooming. People who otherwise meet for an hour or so each day and talk five or ten minutes to each other now are forced to fiddle with each other all day long. So the husband choke his wife at latest on December, 26th - unless his wife had not slain him with a frypan... If no such catastrophe happens teenage children are boring to death while pretending festive emotions.

Lupus Pictures starts with a classic old fashioned Christmas Eve. Father, mother and children had dressed up for the ceremonies. And of course everything had been better in the good old times. And, by the way, nobody had to swing the frypan because a stinging cane had allways been at hand to deal with educational problems properly.

Lupus' christmas hour (to be exact: 56 minutes of christmas proceedings) starts with daughter Hanika pleasing her family playing the violine. The pleasure of listening to "Holy Night, Silent Night" definitely would be more enjoyable if Hanika would have some capabilities handling this instrument. Which she does not have. So Father interupts decorating the cristmas tree and takes over the fiddle. But christmas horror shall be increasable. Mother discovers a spider in a wine glass while laying the table. Scream, scream, scream - and the glass falls to the floor and breaks into splinters. So far, so bad.

Daughter Anika obviously is a little rascal (but may be somehow excused by listening to that horrible fiddling), fetches the spider and puts it ... just in front of her mother's face before removing it from the living room. "Look - isn't it a cute spider?" We've seen much more lame justifications for trashing a bratty young lady. But it's Christmas and time for generosity. So nothing happens - for now.

Mother brings a tray with delicious cookies - to be consumed later. Little rascal Anika and the family's maid (well known Lupus/RGE spankee Renata Sukova) cannot resist and munch all the cookies within a few minutes. Comes in invidious sister Hanika who sees what had happend and goes snitching immediately. What - by the way - can be considered absolutely superflous because this grave malfaction would have been discovered by the parents within minutes anyway.

Hanika the bitch is send to bring the cane. Her sister has to bend over and to unbutton her father's wristbands. Anikas skirt is lifted up and fortunately she wears a pair of these old fashioned knickers which are open in the rear. Anika is ordered to say "Thank you!" after each stroke and these strokes are so painful that she starts crying after the fifth. And that's not faked at all...

She gets three dozen hard strokes and takes them crying, screaming, flinching and squirming, again and again rubbing her buttocks between the strokes. After her punishment tears are running across her face while she kisses her father's hand which has swung the cane. Little bitch Hanika is watching and grinning self-righteously in the meantime...
The same treatment for the maid. She cries and screams and squirms, too, and had to be hold down by ratbag Hanika.

So far for the caning. But these greedy girls had munched all the cookies so congestion is imminent. Both girls get an enema. Not for the first time appearently because mother has two bottles with fluid prepared which are labeled with the girls' names.
Cut. Night. Anika and the maid are out for revenge. The place a big fluffy toy spider into Hanika's christmas gift for her mother - a fur handwarmer.

Next evening. Family sits down for dinner. Afterwards the surviving four cookies are shared brotherly. At least the christmas gifts are handed out. We see: daughter Hanika is mother's darling. Anika is the family's black sheep. Mother is pleased about Hanika's gift... until the spider pops out. No pledges can help. Anika is ordered to fetch the cane and father canes the treacherous sister. She has to strip naked for the caning. All the crying does not help.
Hanika gets some 40 hard strokes with the cane which even leave some slightly bleeding welts. She's screaming and crying and pleading for mercy but her gives no quarter. After the caning Anika brings a tray with some ginger and Hanika has to cut a piece of ginger and insert it into her anus.

a full scale movie with great details. Costumes, furniture, hairstyle are shaped with much affection. The storyline is quite funny and the caning and punishment actions are really great. The movie plays with dark phantasies of violence and injustice in former days middle-class families.
Critics: Only a small suggestion for improvement: I think former days' young middle-class girls did not had shaved pubic hair. I understand that it complicates productions a little bit when the girls are requestes to let their bushes sprout. But that would be the last detail for a movie label that's known to be a stickler for details.
Resumée: Must have for Lupus/RGE fans with some bonus for enema lovers.
Wishlist: I think mother could get a benefit from a sound caning, too.

Review written by lucipher_t.

(© for all images by Lupus Pictures)

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