Caned4Cash - "The Scottish Domme" / "Agony"

Caned4Cash - "The Scottish Domme" / "Agony"
Producer/Label: Caned4Cash / Kooboo Entertainment (not longer online anymore)

A few years ago Budapest based the bdsm movie producers of Mood Pictures invented a kind of "spin of" of their labels Mood Pictures and Mood Castings: Caned4Cash (under the label "Kooboo Entertainment" - kooboo is the name of the thick rattan canes used for judicial canings in Singapore and Malaysia).
The idea is as plain as simple: young girls get cash for letting themselves being caned. Nothing new you say? Isn't it exactly how most of all caning and spanking movies are made? That's true. But Caned4Cashed rid of the genre from all needless ballast. "In this film these girls aren't caned because they've been 'naughty'... they are not caned as a 'punishment'. They're caned for our entertainment and because they want the CA$H!!!" That's the official explanation displayed at the beginning of the movie.
The rules are simple: you get paid for each 10 strokes with the cane. 10 strokes is minimum - if you cannot bear that you get nothing at all. Otherwise you may step out after each "section" of 10 strokes. And you get paid for what you got until that. Each "set of strokes" pays more than the previous set so the strokes 30 to 40 pay more than the strokes 1 to 10.
I think this idea has some weird charme. True masochist girls can show what they can bear and earn some good money for it. Curious girls can try to take as much as possible (possible for them) to make some money. The viewer at least gets some hard no nonsense caning action. (He should so at least...)
However the idea seems to have been not really sustainable. Caned4Cash published only four movies and then vanished from the market.

The Scottish Domme
(43:00 minutes)

The dommes:
Taylar and Kira (the Mood Pictures domme who often aims so badly)
The canees:
Andrea, Judit, Katarina, Mariann

All girls strip naked and dress with white t-shirts with the "Caned4Cash"-logo and white hold-up stockings.In the introduction scenes Judit looks a little bit sceptically while the other three girls are mocking with the dommes.

First is Mariann, a tattoed black haired cute girl with pale skin (which is impure a little bit what gives this girl a cute "the average girl from next door touch") and a very well shaped bottom. She has to bed over a caning bench upholstered with red leather and gets her feet fixed with a spreading pole and her wristles fixed to the bench. As you maybe can regocnize in the screenshots this spreading pole construction is somewhat impractical and will almost be a little bit dangerous when the girls start to struggle and twist during the canings. The reason for this seems to be that the girls' ankles are attached to the pole in a much to loose way.
Mariann gets 10 strokes with a thin cane from Taylar who is a very skillfull caner and then 10 with a much more thicker cane from Kira who is aiming quite well in this round. During the second dose Mariann starts screaming loudly and after she is freed from the bench her buttocks are trembling very nicely.

Second girl to be caned is Judit, a brown haired lady with well rounded buttocks just made to be spanked and caned and full pubic hair. Judit is fixed onto the caning bench in the same position as Mariann. Andrea and Katarina are watching the procedure with obvious curiosity and a slight sadidistic "schadenfreude". (Though they know best that they will be in the same position within a few minutes and get their trashing, too...) Follow ten strokes from Taylor and ten from Kira. Judit take the strokes with some moderate moaning and screaming.
Third to be caned is Andrea, a beautiful blonde with some derisive facial expression. Just before the caning starts this facial expression changes to some "Hell - what may come now?" This girl really gives a nice and unfaked performance. She quits the first stroke from Taylar with a sharp "Auu!!" The following strokes she quit with some low-voiced jursing and heavy breathing. 
Forth to be canend is Katarina. She had to endure the sounds of pain from her fellow canees the last quarter of an hour before it's now her turn. The first 10 strokes handed out by Taylar have some proper effect on that poor lass. She starts screaming and struggling - and for the first time this spreading pole construction displayes its weak points. I'm really glad that in the end no of the girls had broken some ankles or legs. Katarina is crying loudly before Taylar has finishes the first 10 strokes but she bravely takes also the next 10 strokes from Kira.

Second turn for Mariann whos buttocks are nicely welted and bruised in the meanwhile. Standing position with her wrists in handcuffs and chained to a overhead hook and her ankles chained to both sides so her legs are spreaded quite well. Taylar shows some examples of "caning art" - hard and painful strokes given just offhanded but hitting precisely. Mariann takes them with a lot of screaming. Kira seems to be inspired by Taylars handiwork and deliveres an above average performance for her standards. Again Mariann's buttocks are trembling wildly after these 20 strokes.
Next scene has a great glimpse of Judit who like the other unengaged girls kneel on a sofa with their faces to the wall so that they can hear but not see what's going on. Judit looks over her shoulder with an expression like "Holy shit! Now I will go through hell once again!"
Same positon and 20 strokes from Taylor and Kira for Judit who goes through it bravely moaning and trying supress her screams of pain.
Cheeky and naughty Andrea is the next. After her 20 strokes she has some small bleeding spots on her buttocks. Katarina as well takes her 20 strokes - with really a lot of noise. But I have to confess: I like the girls screaming and crying and moaning. So this is definitely a beautiful performance of her.
The ordeal isn't yet over. Andrea and Katarina have to carry a caning trestle to the middle of the room. Judit is ordered to kneel on it sticking her buttom out. The other girls - again kneeling on the sofa - watch the caning quite scared looking over their shoulders. We get some really cute facial expressions. Judit has some obvious difficulties to take the first 10 strokes from Taylor but agrees to the next 10 handed out by Kira. One have to mention however that these 20 strokes are not given with full force but rather moderately.

Skinny Katarina takes the next turn. She is breathing heavily and yelling stridently during her caning and struggles a lot. But at least she goes through this 20-strokes caning successfully.

Andrea takes her 20 with a lot of yelling and struggling and there is not much of her cheekyness and mockery left. Mariann is the last and she also takes 20 strokes so that at least each of the girls had been given 60 strokes of the cane.

Four nice and willing girls enduring a 60-strokes caning. A lot of good caning action and no serious flaws within the caning actions besides that somewhat silly spreading pole construction. A lot of nice facial and buttocks close up shots.
The spreading pole construction. And maybe it would be more convincing to start with the lighter strokes and give the hardest in the last round. One could change the whole procedure as well: in the first rounds the girls could be unbound and get fixed onto the caning trestle or caning bench for the latter and more heavy rounds.
Résumé: 43 minutes pleasure and enjoyment for caning lovers. That's a lot I think. 
Wishlist: Access to the Caned4Cash caning model pool. It would be very interesting and delightful to give these girls not only some sound canings but also a little bit more attention, courtesy and acknowledgement for their willingness to get caned in such a hard way.

(Screenshots by S&C; © for all images by Kooboo Entertainment)
Review written by Lucipher_T

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