An Extra Gym Lesson

Producer/Label: SIT-Spanking (20:52 minutes)
Cast: Niki Montford, Annabel, Headmistress

The story is plain and simple: two school girls had been ordered to attend a special gym lesson at home with the headmistress.

Our two girls (in temptating mini skirts and shirts) have to make some gym exercises while the headmistress is yelling at them. Their eagerness does not satisfy the headmistress so skirts come off and gym activities are promoted by swats with a leather paddle. Girls have to bend over and display nice and naugthy white (Annabel) and black (Niki) regulation knickers. "Bend over!" is ordered and more spankings with the paddle follow. "Touch your toes...!"

Viewing this video one suddenly realises that getting spanked often is a kind of gym exercise of its own. Especially for spanking models...

The headmistress hands out a lot of rather hard swats supported by harsh words. Then Annabel has to kneel down and act as a trestle for Niki. Niki gets a sound doze of hard strokes with the cane on her knickers. No doubt: this headmistress can hand it out - an Niki can take it. Niki neither moans nor screams. Her reactions are very reluctant. Her fans know that it takes a lot of caning or spanking to bring her to tears. Annabel is joking while her companion is caned but she will learn better soon...

Knickers come down and we get a glimpse at the girls' reddened buttocks. Niki is caned on the palms of her hands - and once more our headmistress proves as a very skilled disciplinarian. Her handiwork is really fine. Strict and hard but not brutal and her strokes are very well aimed.

After Niki's ordeal is over Annabell has to bend over and gets 12 really hard strokes with the cane on her bare buttocks. You can bet that the pays for mocking on Niki.

Commendation: A small, fine and very well done spanking and caning movie. Minimum story but maximum action. Niki Montfort is as good as ever and Annabel is on par with her. Both ladies show nice facial reactions and have very spankable bottoms. The headmistress does a really good job.
Resumée: British spanking and caning at its best. Regrettably you cannot say this of the majority of today's british spanking movie productions.
Wishlist: Beeing the gym teacher giving these girls a refresher course. I can promise fitness improvements as well as bruised buttocks.

Review written by Lucipher_t

(Screenshots by S&C; Copyright SIT-Spanking)


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