Girls Scout Camp

(Rig-East/Lupus Pictures; 34:29 minutes)

It's the perfect phantasy for dreaming just before you fell asleep. A girls scout camp with ten cute, attractive young girls somewhere in a country where corporal punishment ist accepted as a very adequate way to enforce discipline. Especially to young girls scouts. A stern, bullying, grumpy ringleader maybe twice as old as the girls. So it's a lot of commanding, yelling, shooing and trashing.

The movie starts with the morning call. Ringleader blows the whistle and all the girls dash in for muster. All the girls? No. Two sleepyheads are a few seconds late. It takes some time to drop pyjama trousers and dress with blue regulation knickers. Especially if you had been rudely awakened by a sudden whistle.

Girls scouts are a tough breed. No superfloues chatter. Step forward! Turn around! Knickers down. Bend over. Count the strokes. Ringleader uses a four feet long twig thick as a small finger. An very effective substitute for a rattan cane. Both sleepyheads get ten strokes on the bare. One of them has fading welts across her buttocks so you may bet that stern discipline rules for quite some time in this girls scouts camp.

Follow jogging and gymnastic exercises on the lawn. One maybe do not see the athletic benefit but it gives the cameraguy a lot of nice views on the girls' knickered bottoms.

Next night the girls have a campfire. And a young guy visiting. Ringleader seems to sleep deeply. Next morning ringleader discoveres one of the girls in the wood.  The early bird catches the worm. Girls scouts should know this.
You can imagine what had happened deep in the night - girl (scout) met boy.

Lecherous girl has to kneel in the scrub and gets a sound trashing with a twig. Follows morning call as usual for the other nine girls. Lecherous girl then is lead in front of the other girls completely naked. Other girls have to drop their knickers and run around in a circle while the ringleader hands out strokes with the twig on the buttocks of the girls passing by. In the meantime the wrongdoer stands in the middle. Two other girls have to confess to be involved in that wrongdoing and have to bend over a improvised trestle to get trashed, too.

Commendation: "Girls Scout Camp" is a nice short cp movie. An early work of "Rig-East Pictures" in a way.
Resumée: Nice to watch for the reason alone that the Czechs had been able to gather no less then ten cute, attractive spankees for one movie.
Wishlist: Definitely my own girls scout group composed of ten cute and naughty young daughters of Bohemia. Apart from this I really want to know how those crazy Czechs manage it to chase down so many masochistic or at least willing spankees...



Review written by Lucipher_T

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