"Jailyard CP" - Mood Pictures

"Jailyard CP" - Mood Pictures

Producer/Label: Mood Pictures (Budapest)
(44:35 minutes)

Cast:  Lieutenant: Thony, executers: Lady Jenny, Jessica Lee; guards: Emeralda Lung, Nancy Gold; physician: Petra; convicts: Jenny Smayle, Amanda Lee, Snow Wight, Mercedes, Greta Bolound, Gaby Bouttal 

I like to say in advance: this Mood Pictures movie has a clear and obvious example from reality.

A few years ago two movie clips appeared on several websites concerned with the subject "corporal punishment" and especially "corporal punishment in criminal justice". Those images had been recorded in a Malaysian prison and they show the execution of canings as a corporal punishment for convicts. As far as I know those images had been recorded officially and had been released officially - probably for the reason of deterence.

These images are extremely brutal and show only the caning of men and not of women (which is obvious because women aren't caned in this way by the Malaysian justice) but nevertheless they may have some weird attraction for hardcore bdsm people.

A few month after these clips appaered on the world wide web Budapest based hardcore caning movie producer Mood Pictures published a new movie titled "Jailyard CP". The similarities are obvious. The first difference as well: the girls at Mood Pictures are paid bdsm actresses whereas the victims of Malaysian justice are offenders who - how severe their offences ever may be - bear human rights which are clearly violated by those methods of punishment. The second difference may sound a little bit cynically: some of Mood Pictures' active caning actresses would definitely benefit from some training lessons by the Malaysian justice's executioners regarding the art of aiming and hitting precisely human buttocks...

Below we display eight screenshots from the original caning video. You can see the inspirational effects when comparing those with the screenshots from Mood Pictures' "Jailyard CP".

"Jailyard CP" starts with some "preliminary actions": the delinquents are reviewed by a physician and the prison officers who shall execute the caning do some "warming up". While the convict is seeking some consolation in prayer just before the execution starts the officers are making sadistic jokes.

Follows some aloof and formal declaration by the leading officer how the coporal punishment has to be administered regarding to the law and then the culprits are stripped naked.

First delinquent is Jenny Smayle who had been sentenced to two times 2 strokes for driving under influence of alcohol. She is strapped onto a roughly carpentered caning trestle and given her first two strokes. The caning is administered in a very formal way which is of course very appropriate for a judicial caning but Lady Jenny unfortunately shows no appropriate caning skills as well.

The first stroke hits Jenny Smayle some two or three inches above her buttocks on the back. At least the second stroke hits the center of her buttocks.

Next convict is Amanda Lee sentenced to 2 strokes for "contempt of authority". (A somewhat severe misdemeanor in a bdsm movie...) The sentence is carried out by Jessica Lee. The first stroke misses the bottom completely and hits the back approximately four inches above Amanda's tailbone. The second stroke at least hits the tailbone region.

Honestly - it's a complete mistery to me how somebody can miss a girl's bottom which is perfectly placed for the caning while the girl is strapped onto the trestle so she even cannot move. The girl's position is quite perfect. The caner's distance is quite perfect. The cane itself is neither too short nor to long. It is not swaying or wobbling either.

For heavens sake - dear Mood Pictures' caners! Start to practice!! Start to learn how to aim and how to hit. Or sooner or later you will inadvertently hurt somebody seriously. 

Third culprit is Snow Wight, a petite dark haired with a well rounded bottom who lookes a little bit scared when she is strapped onto the punishment trestle. That's more than appropriate - all delinquents should look scared a few moments before the execution beginns. Snow Wight is sentenced to 4 strokes for "public indecency". I assume that means that in this ficitional country girls are allowed to be naked in front of others only in prison and during coporal punishments. But that's fine - a little bit of hypocrisy is always the particular relish for a sadomasochistic meal.
For a change Lady Jenny manages it to place all 4 strokes well directed on Snow Wights buttocks.

Follows blonde ponytailed Mercedes. Her sentence is 10 strokes for assault and battery. The strokes are administered by Jessica Lee. The first three strokes are fairly well aimed, number four lands far below the buttocks on Mercedes' upper thighs as does number five. The remaining strokes hit quite well but hitting straight and horizontal across a girl's buttocks isn't really Mood Pictures' caners most featured skill...

Lieutenant Thony almost mingles the punishments but in the last second remembers that cute Jenny Smayle has to get her second dose of 2 strokes. At least these strokes are administered in a skillful way (by Lady Jenny).

Sixth caning is for Greta Bolound who is sentenced to 30 strokes for prostitution. "You will bear your punishment with dignity" tells her Lieutenant Thony - a somewhat silly suggestion I think. Greta Bolound - I like to mention that - shows a facial expression while being strapped onto the caning trestle that seems to be fitting to the scenario. One may describe it as giving up and surrendering with a connotation of fear and despair combined with being physically very calm. She reminds me of the faces in that Malaysian caning video a little bit.

It follows the same mess one can so often in Mood Pictures movies: a lot of the strokes go either too high or too low. One stroke even hits the strap which runs over Greta's back to hold her down on the trestle... Another stroke hits her just two inches above the hollow of her knee. In the end she looks agonized and tormentet - okay, it should be as that after a 30-strokes judicial caning but the welts and bruises on the delinquent's buttocks should bear witness of a well down caning and not of some messy beating.

Last delinquent is Gaby Bouttal. She had been sentenced for causing grievous bodily harm during a criminal assault. At this point I ask myself what reason may bring a cute young girl to the idea of enduring a 100-strokes Mood Pictures' caning? Heavy masochism? Or an urgent need of money? All these Mood's actresses went to the "Mood Castings" before where they had to stand 50 strokes of the cane (very often as badly administered as in this movie...). One may think to detect some signs of doubt in her face when she is strapped onto the caning trestle...

One can easily administer one hundred strokes with a cane precisely on an average girl's buttocks. (Or even a lot more than 100 if that's requestet by the way...) Afterwards that girl will have some notable difficulties when sitting for the next few days and furthermore a beautifully bruised and welted bottom which is literally beaten black and blue and maybe a little bit bleeding as well.

That's the option I do prefer.
After a hundred strokes handed out by Jessica Lee and Lady Jenny poor Gaby's body is marked with cane welts from just below the kidney area down to the hollow of her knee. Generously estimated maybe 50 strokes actually had hit her buttocks. Moreover a vast part of the impact had been on the right side of her rump and her right thigh. Some of the welts are bleeding which is appropriate after a 100 strokes caning but by large this corporal punishment was a lousy piece of handicraft. Sorry to say that because all the canees in this movie are awesome - most notably Greta Bolound and Gaby Bouttal.

Kudos for the canees Jenny Smayle (2 x 2 strokes), Amanda Lee (2 strokes), Snow Wight (4 strokes), Mercedes (10 strokes), Greta Bolound (30 strokes) and Gaby Bouttal (100 strokes).
The caning techniques of both caners are at least moderate - to say it with friendly words.
Lieutenant Thony reminds more of a circus concierge than of a stern, coldhearted prison officer in a females prison in which severe corporal punishments are administered. People in dominant positions have to be persuading - otherwise the are at risk of appearing somehow ridiculous.
Résumé: a good idea (derived from an evil inspiration...) executed inadequately. Sorry to say that since I am a fan of really hard caning actions in general and of judicial cp scenarios in particular. (Regarding to movies as well as handing out them in a "bdsm-play"...) The six canees would have deserved something better. Something much better...
Wishlist: holding a 15 hours training camp for Mood Pictures dommes. At first I could take the dommes theirselves as "illustrative material" - 20 strokes deliberately aimed bad doubtlessly would improve the understanding for the importance of good handiwork for a caner. Another 80 well aimed strokes than could show how to do it right. After feeling this important instruction on their own bottoms some girls from the Mood Pictures' canees pool certainly will be willing to get caned as objects of training. I am absolutely shure that every passive Mood Pictures actress will enthusiastically greet any improvement of the dommes' caning skills. Next to that: a better  done judicial caning movie. And maybe somebody could convince Snow Wight some time to take a 100 strokes with the cane. Her cute bottom would be a more than appropriate target for this.

(Screenshots by S&C; © for all images Mood Pictures)

Review written by Lucipher_T

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