"A Newgate Tail" - Miss Marchmont

“A Newgate Tail” - Miss Marchmont

Producer/Label: Miss Marchmont; (13:32 minutes)

London, 1895. “It is a time of harsh justice and severe punishment. Those of the lower classes recieved little pitty from the courts.”
No doubt that is true for Elizabeth Marie Shaw, a young girl who is brought to the court for stealing 10 shillings from her employer. (That equals approximately to a maid’s wage for a week in those days.)

Little Elizabeth is sentenced to three months of hard labour in Newgate Prison, the notorious prison of London for almost 700 years. Besides that a supplemental double flogging is imposed on Elizabeth as well for her arrivel as for her leaving the jail but strangely the judge do not read out how many lashes shall be administered. Lamenting little Elizabeth is lead away to the prison - and cut.

Next scene: weeping Elizabeth, wearing some kind of linnen prisoner’s outfit and beeing shackeld with iron chains, an iron collier and - really! - a big iron ball attached to her foot, is leaning against the wall of her prison cell. The prison warder appears and announces the date for the first flogging. Poor Elizabeth expresses some natural desire because their is no toilett in her cell (of course there is no toilett - Newgate prison 1895…) and the prison warder shows her a tin bucket that is provided for relieving herself. What else remain than peeing into that bucket under the lecherous eyes of the prison warder. So this flogging movie displayes a nice “yellow shower” scene en passant… It’s really quite delicate.
Cut - and we see the punishment cellar. An upholstered punishment trestle is displayed while the prison warder tests some canes on a pillow. Then he brings in the delinquent who is obviously scared very much. The prison warder’s tone of command clearly has its effect. Poor Elizabeth is ordered to undress except for her camisole and her shoes. Then she is strapped onto the punishment trestle and the prison warder fetches a long cane.
Follows 18 hard strokes with the cane. Not really full force but by all means hard. Poor Elizabeth moans and winds her body on the trestle and with the fourth stroke she begins to cry and to scream. We hear some desparete “Oh no!” - but of course that does not help her at all. Finally her buttocks are decorated with beautiful caning welts. (But not so severe as after a “Lupus Pictures” caning for instance…)

When the flogging - which actually had been a caning! - is over the delinquent is lead away by the prison warder - without her linnen dress…

  • “A Newgate Tail” is an impressive caning movie. It has a plain but convincing story: servant of 1895 gets delinquent and is sentenced to corporal punishment.

  •  Ambience and atmosphere of this movie fit perfectly. Brickstone walls, suitable uniforms, consistent storyline, no nonsense punishment.
  • The spankee whos name regrettably is not displayed does some really good acting and takes her caning with graceful despair.
  • The prison warder should also be praised for his well acting and fine caning handicraft.

“A Newgate Tail” is probably one of the best “prison punishment” bdsm movies ever made. But a few details can be criticized however.
  • In the beginning the judge wears a pair of glasses a little bit too modern for the dying away Victorian age. Don’t be stingy with these details, Miss Marchmont.
  • It’s the same with the girl’s shoes. They do not fit to the Victorian age. Also the girl’s hairstyle seems to be a little bit too modern for a victorian maid. It is said that she got her hair sheared after the court’s sentence but to me it looks more than she had her hair trimmed for the trial and afterwords wears her normal hairstyle…
  • The camisole is beautiful and presumably delivered from one of the famous british fetish outfit tailors. But not really suitable for a maid in 1895…

  • Likewise unsuitable for a “Newgate Prison” in 1895 is an upholstered and padded punishment trestle. You may bet that those installations had been made just from wood - especially for the “lower classes”.
  • Last but not least: the strokes could be handed out with a little bit more force. That would be appropriate for a “judical caning”.
  • Please do not have a delinquent sentenced to a “flogging” when she is caned afterwards.
And by the way: a little classical goof… When the delinquent is brought to the punishment cellar she is ordered to undress and puts her dress somewhere on the floor. After the caning she is lead away just in her camisole and leaves the dress at the cellar.
But that are trivia which do not degrade an otherwise great caning movie. I mention it becauseI think people who make movies with such an effort will esteem precise criticism and suggestions for improvements.

Résumé: “A Newgate Tail” ranks in the top league of bdsm movies. It is a great pleasure for every caning lover. I would like to see more of that stuff.

Wishlist: Besides applying hereby as a prison warder for Miss Marchmont’s Newgate I would like to rent that prison cell and punishment cellar for a weekend or two. Then I would take - let say - 20 or 25 female investment brokers from the London financial district and let them pay their debts. If there should not be such a number of female investment brokers with a clear masochistic disposition that’s no problem at all. I would prefer those without any masochistic disposition but with a frantic need of money (because they had been laid of in the crisis) anyway. And you may trust that they would not go away with just 18 strokes. No chance…

(Screenshots from Miss Marchmont-Video by S&C)

Review written by Lucipher_T

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