“Illegal Download” - Pain4Fem

"Illegal Download" -Pain4Fem

Directed and written by Peter Schober; starring Nicol and Kelly as school girls, Heidi as school director and Nicoletta as teacher. Released 2004. Producer/Label: Pain4Fem

(49:57 minutes)

It’s the first long movie released by Peter Schober’s Pain4Fem-Label (based in Bratislava but made by  austrians). The story is quite simple: two girls in a boarding school misuse their access to the school’s computer and internet access for illegally downloading music from afile sharing site.
Of course they get busted and the boarding school’s bosses give them the choice: either police or corporal punishment…
It’s a bdsm movie so there is no doubt what will be the girls’ choice. Corporal punishment, of course. Surprise, surprise - their is a wooden punishment trestle at the attic of the boarding school (which reminds a little bit of a simple single-family house even if some exterior views of a castle typ building are displayed). They by the way seem to have the same supplier or carpenter as Rigid East / Lupus Pictures. Their punishment furniture appears almost identically… Teacher Nicoletta brings in two canes - and the first girl (Nicol) put her self over the director’s knees for an somewhat ridiculous otk-spanking…
Sorry to say that but that spanking over her school uniform skirt cannot be taken seriously. Nicol is screaming somewhat understated but when I think of other Pain4Fem movies to which she contributed I claim: she is faking.
Skirt up and the hand spanking of “director Heidi” goes on. This time with a little bit more force. Knickers down and more moderate hand spanking.

The same procedure for Kelly. OTK, handspanking on skirt, on knickers, on the bare. Some buttocks rubbing in between, some fondling. A punishment??
Next scene. Nicol has to bend over the punishment trestle but is not fixed with the leather straps attached to that apparatus. Some strapping with a kind of tawse, some buttocks rubbing. The same for Kelly and all of that rather moderate. Both girls are definitely accustomed to some obviously harder spanking and strapping so that all seems to be a little bit … wasted.

Next scene. The girls have to undress. They are strapped down over that punishment trestle and caned. Just a moment - before the caning starts Nicol wets herself. Not only a few drops but a fairly squall. An quite inciting detail.. Then comes the caning. Let’s say: moderate to medium, even for later Pain4Fem standards. Nicols bottom shows some moderate nice welts afterwards. 
Next Kelly. She is not so scared that the wets herself before the caning starts. Kelly gets some harder strokes (although you cannot call them “really hard”) with a thicker cane. She starts crying during the caning and tears flow over her face. The movies finishes with some slow motion replays. 

  • “Illegal Download” suffers from the same bad habit as so many other spanking (caning, bdsm, …) movies, too.  Authors and directors fail to make a decision.  The decision: what shall our movie be about? The decision: caning? Or strapping? Or handspanking? Bare bottom? Or over the knickers? 
  • You may mix and mingle all that in a movie which shows a bdsm scenario. In a bdsm dungeon or in a private home. But in that moment you decide to show some fictional story you have to decide what this story shall be about. And that means: leave away anything else.
  • Ok - you might think that your customers want it all: handspanking, strapping, caning, knickers, bare, plus some buttocks rubbing and fondling. So… why not inserting a dildo as well? I think one sees the point when you think on the dildo…
  • The scenario does not fit the story. A boarding school punishment should and would be: a caning. Or a strapping. Or for heavens sake an otk handspanking. (Although I associate otk handspankings with some personal relationship as for instance between father and daughter or husband and wife.) But not a potpourri of all kinds of punishments.
  • The handspanking seems to be so soft that one cannot take it seriously. Some seriousness fits for every spanking movie as far as it is not structured as a “funny movie” at all.
Résumé: a nice movie with some good and stimulating scenes if you blind out the shortcomings described above.

Wishlist: let’s say that Pain4Fem fullfilled my wishes in their newer movies. More serious spankings and punishments and less bustle of different ways to chastise the girls. And a sound caning for Nicoletta would be a fine thing…

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Anonymous said...

I love watching a women being restrained to the flogging bench, i would like to try this myself one day,waiting for the pain of the cane,feeling its sting and burning kiss,the more kisses the more it burns avery vunerable position and no way of escaping, tears, crying pleading are no good when you are restrained. What fun!!

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