Caned4Cash - "The Budapest Girls" / "The Bench of Pain"

Caned4Cash - "The Budapest Girls" / "The Bench of Pain"

Producer/Label: Caned4Cash / Kooboo Entertainment (not longer online anymore)

A few years ago Budapest based the bdsm movie producers of Mood Pictures invented a kind of "spin of" of their labels Mood Pictures and Mood Castings: Caned4Cash (under the label "Kooboo Entertainment" - kooboo is the name of the thick rattan canes used for judicial canings in Singapore and Malaysia).
The idea is as plain as simple: young girls get cash for letting themselves being caned. Nothing new you say? Isn't it exactly how most of all caning and spanking movies are made? That's true. But Caned4Cashed rid of the genre from all needless ballast. "In this film these girls aren't caned because they've been 'naughty'... they are not caned as a 'punishment'. They're caned for our entertainment and because they want the CA$H!!!" That's the official explanation displayed at the beginning of the movie.
The rules are simple: you get paid for each 10 strokes with the cane. 10 strokes is minimum - if you cannot bear that you get nothing at all. Otherwise you may step out after each "section" of 10 strokes. And you get paid for what you got until that. Each "set of strokes" pays more than the previous set so the strokes 30 to 40 pay more than the strokes 1 to 10.
I think this idea has some weird charme. True masochist girls can show what they can bear and earn some good money for it. Curious girls can try to take as much as possible (possible for them) to make some money. The viewer at least gets some hard no nonsense caning action. (He should so at least...)
However the idea seems to have been not really sustainable. Caned4Cash published only four movies and then vanished from the market.

The Budapest Girls
(44:27 minutes)

The dommes: Angie Vicious, Kira and Gabirella
The canees: Erika, Krisztina 1, Krisztina 2, Victoria

It is kind of a "caning game". Three dommes caning, four masochistic girls getting caned. Location is not a punished cellar but some living room scenario with a sofa on which the girls can sit while not beeing caned. There is a somehow convenient upholstered caning trestle. 
Erica gets her first 10 strokes from Angie Vicious and then 10 from Gabirella and another 10 from Kira (the well known domme of Mood Pictures)- all strokes handed out with force. She takes it with some moderate moaning and screaming.
Follows Krisztina 1 who gets her strokes in the same order: 10 from Angie Vicious, 10 from Gabirella, 10 from Kira. She is breathing heavily during the caning. When it's Kira's turn she askes Krisztina 1 whether she wants her 10 strokes. Krisztina's answer: "I dont think I can take any more". Kira: "You're sure?" "I want to stop." "Ok, ask me nicely." "I want ten more strokes." "Yes - sure?" Kira is teasing her with the cane. "Please give me ten more." "Alright, but only if you count them loudly." Krisztina waits for the first stroke, Kira is teasing her butt with the cane and Krisztina is teasing her back. But Angie Vicious interrupts them: "Let her relax!" So Krisztina is unbound without getting Kira's strokes.

Next girl is Victoria. Angie Vicious hands out 10 strokes. Victoria takes them smiling and counts the strokes calmly. Gabirella gives her the next 10 strokes - the dommes don't change their order. Some beautiful facial close up shots show Victorias reactions. She still is very calm but you can see that the strokes now have some painfull effect. She is not smiling any longer but looking concentrated and earnest. Follow 10 strokes by Kira. "She can take a lot and takes them well and she seems to like it", one of the dommes says. "Yes - we'll soon change that" another domme answers. The audience will see and judge soon.
Follows Krisztina 2. She gets here dose of three times 10 strokes, too. She is ordered to cry the numbers of the strokes out loudly and obliges in an almost military way.
For the next round the girls have to lie flatly on a bench upholstered with red vinyl. Now the girls are not bound to the punishment bench which is a little bit weird - one should think that they could stand the first round without being bound easier than the following rounds.
Erica takes another 30 strokes (10 from each of the dommes) calling out the numbers loudly and without much moaning let alone screaming. The endorphines are working quite well...

Next in the row is Victoria. Now she isnt't smiling any longer but tries not to loose her rag. The strokes clearly have some effect. Again there are some beautiful close ups of her face. It seems that she is in the mood "You will not crush me. I am stronger than you." And she is - and takes the second dose of 30 strokes.
Third girl on the bench is Krisztina 2. After Angie Vicious has given her 10 strokes Gabirella is mocking at her a little bit: "You want the next 10?" "Yes, I want them." "How much do you want them?" "A lot." And really - Krisztina 2 would do a US Marine recruit credit when she is calling out the numbers of the strokes which hit her buttocks. And so she has to beg for the next 10 strokes from Kira. And gets them.
At least Kira calles Krisztina 1 to come to the bench. She takes the first 10 strokes (handed out by Kira) yelling and gasping for breath. But Kira is not satisfied - Krisztina calles out the strokes not loud enough and is requestet several times to call it out much louder. What unmissable is very difficult for this poor girl. Angie Vicious - who is obviously by far the most sensitive of the three dommes - suggests Krisztina 2 may go back to the sofa. But the girl replies "No, I just need a short rest." So she gets her 10 strokes - and Angie Vicious may be sensitive but she hands the strokes out with force nevertheless. Krisztina 2 after that abandons the last 10 strokes.
"Who's going to be the next?" The viewer is as curious as the dommes I think.

Brave Erica volonteers. She has to kneel on the bench and gets 10 strokes from Angie Vicious and then 10 from Gabirella. Kira finishes Erica's round with another 10 - which means that she has got 90 strokes until now. Undoubtedly she is a very tough girl.
Krisztina 1 follows and gets 10 strokes from Gabirella. She is succeeded by Victoria who takes 20 from Angie Vicious and Gabirella but quits the last 10 strokes from Kira. Krisztina 2 fetches her strokes from Kira and Gabirella (20) but takes a rest before Angie Vicious starts action. Erica seems to have an iron bottom and volonteers again: 10 strokes from Angie Vicious in standing position. Then Victoria finishes her round with Angie Vicious so she has got no 90 strokes, too.
The girls get a short break kneeling on the sofa with there naked and bruised and welted bottoms and than Krisztina 2 starts the next round. She takes 10 strokes kneeling on the bench from Kira and another 10 strokes standing from Angie Vicious. The cruel game ends with Victoria getting another 10 strokes from Gabirella. So at least Krisztina 1 got 50 strokes while the other three girls take a full 100 each.


You get what you pay for: hard and heavy caning action. 350 strokes at all. There are some really good close up shots from the girls' faces. There is some good interaction between the dommes (especially Angie Vicious) and the girls.
Especially Mood's Kira urgently should improve her caning skills.
Though it's a kind of "play and contest situation" Angie Vicious is the only of the three dommes who builts up some emotional communication with the four girls. But if you like it cold minded or even coldhearted you may be get satisfied very much by the movie.
As in so may of Mood's movies too many of the girls' caning positions do not show their bottoms off in a really beautiful way. (This "overstretching" the girls' buttocks is typical for the "Mood style". Unfortunately as the girls had deserved it much better.
Wishlist: I like to open a school for caning skills for dommes. Tutors could be Pavel Stastny of Lupus Pictures, Headmaster Tom of Girls Boarding School and of course me myself. I would like to see all these beautiful and brave and masochistic girls of Mood and Caned4Cash and Hardcaning treated better. Treated with better caning skills, treated with better sadism. They really deserve it.

"The Bench of Pain"
(29:27 minutes)

Four cute girls (some of them have participated in other Caned4Cash and Hardcaning movies) get some prankish t-shirts with "I was Caned4Cash" printed on it before getting naked to recieve some sound caning. (I really wonder whether one of the girls ever have worn that t-shirt somewhere out in the city...) During the canings all girls are completely naked.
One of the two caning ladies is the Mood Pictures' Kira, the other a pro domme hired for this movie.

The blond volunteers to be the first. She is strapped over some caning trestle that looks somehow convenient. Generously the girl's buttocks are not so "overstretched" as it is usual in so many Mood Pictures and Mood Caning movies. Kira  who otherwise is a horrible bad aiming caner this time hits well - and hard. Blond girl moans a little bit but she doubtlessly is a genuine masochist and takes the strokes very couraged.
Stage free for the second domme. She seems to be a pro anyhow she hands out her strokes from the other side. That helps to avoid that one-sided bruising that's typical for a lot of Mood Pictures and Mood Caning movies. She hands out ten strokes as well. In the meantime the other three girls sitting on a sofa prefer not to watch the caning of their fellow sufferer too attentively.
Blond girl is unstrapped, next comes a cutie with long black hairs. You may know her from some Mood Pictures movies, for instance "Rival Girls". The pro domme hands out the first ten strokes. The girl quits them with some moaning but still keeps smiling. Kira has a good day and continues with her today's well aiming. The second doze of ten strokes. The black haired girl moanes a little bit louder and you can see her legs trembling a little bit. She does not smile any longer.

Number three is a petite girl with short black hair. Again ten strokes by Kira and ten by the pro domme. The girls screams a little bit but behaves bravely at all.
Number four is a petite and skinny blonde. She is by far the loudest of the girls and starts screaming and yelling just after the first two or three strokes from the pro domme. In a burst of compassion Kira strokes over the girl's hair calmingly while the caning goes on. Then Kira takes over and the screaming goes on. (Kira is caning a little bit harder than the pro domme.
Next round. The order of the girls is retained unchanged. The blonde gets the next dose in diapher position (on the trestle). Ten strokes with some nice facial close ups. Dommes changes and another ten strokes. She's now at 40. Black haired number two gets it as well. Two times ten strokes in diapher position. I think at the end of this day the girls will know for what they got their money...
Girl number three gets it as her predecessors: twenty strokes in diapher position. As gets girl number four who again is screaming a lot.
Again a change of caning position. This time standing up hands fetching the trestle. The big cute blonde takes twenty strokes without much complaining. Kudos! I would like to see that girl in a caning movie with some fine story line where she could show off her steadfastness in some really convincing context.
Then it is the turn of the girl with the long black hairs. She has to take some silly position head down. It's never a good idea to stress a spankee or canee with a position that is not only uncomfortable but also leads to some blood stasis in the head and threatens to fall down from the punishment furniture... Nevertheless this brave girl takes her next twenty strokes. She is at 60 now.

The third girl has to take the same silly position. It reminds me of a somewhat misguided "caning Kamasutra" - try to invent as many preposterous positions as you can. She takes twenty more strokes, too. You really must praise these brave girls. Skinny blond number four seems to be already at the edge. She is screaming louder and louder.
At this point each of the girls have got 60 strokes with the cane. Bonde number one quits and rejects further strokes. So comes number two - the girl with the long black hair. Having gotten 60 strokes with the cane and still lovely smiling. She is a definite canidate for some spanking medal.
She takes another ten hard strokes from Kira and then ten strokes from the pro domme. I have to say that these last ten strokes are somewhat faked and not laid out with force. The following ten strokes from Kira (in diapher position again) in contrast are not faked at all. So she goes home with 70 serious strokes and 10 rather faked ones.

The skinny blonde quits as well (it's not the day of the blonds it seems to me) so girl number three takes the final caning: twenty strokes bent over the trestle and ten in diapher position.
(Screenshots by S&C; © for all images by Kooboo Entertainment)
Review written by Lucipher_T

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