"No Swear Words" - Girls Boarding School (GBS)

“No Swear Words” - Girls Boarding School (GBS)

Cast: Headmaster Tom, Abigail Witthaker and Beverly Bacci; Producer/Label: GBS

(9:03 minutes)

A simple, plain and somewhat weird short movie: american spanking models Abigail “Abi” Witthaker and Beverly Bacci get punished by Girls Boarding School’s headmaster Tom for cussing and swearing.The headmaster pulls the girls into his “study” which reminds more of a hotel room or at least a holiday appartment (it’s very small and furnished with a leather sofa only). Abi has to write down twenty times the line “I will not use swear words again” while Ms. Bacci finds herself over the knees of headmaster Tom. (A funny little goof: at first Beverly Bacci puts herself over Tom’s knees in the wrong direction - he is a right hander, and so she has to turn into the other direction…)

Amazingly Ms. Bacci gets spanked on her skirt. But okay - Tom hands it out sturdy. After 79 hard swats (I counted it but maybe there are some swats displayed more than once from different angles) Abi hands over the sheet with her imposition to Tom and so interrupts him spanking Beverly. Or maybe that number of swats had been sufficient - anyway Berverly’s punishment is over and she is ordered to take of her skirt and her thong. Her buttocks are pretty bruised as we had seen after the 69th swat when Tom lifts up her skirt to have a look on her bottom. Maybe those bruises result from this spanking, or maybe Ms. Bacci had been spanked already some time before - as all producers do GBS makes more than one shooting a day, too. So or so - her bruises are quite nice. (As is Ms. Bacci’s posterior in general…)

So Ms. Bacci starts to write down her lines while Ms. Witthaker gets over the headmaster’s knees. First she is spanked on her shorts. When the headmaster sees that she had written her line only 19 times he orders Abi to bare her bottom and Beverly has to hand over a hairbrush to him. Clumsy little Abigail then gets a really hard spanking with that hairbrush.

She takes it twisting and fidgeting but without screaming or even moaning - Abigail Witthaker beyond doubt is able to take a sound spanking… (Beverly Bacci is as well but goes through her spanking with some moaning and decent screaming - I definitely like it both ways so that’s fine…) After the punishment both ladies have to stand face to wall with bared bottoms so you can see the distinct marks this punishment (or all punishments of those shootings) have caused.


Two popular and attractive spankee models are getting spanked hard. Who would not appreciate that?
Beautiful marks and bruises on the girls’ buttocks.

  • Sorry to say that but the technical quality of that movie clip is lousy and clearly below the standard GBS level of quality. 
  • The lighting is awful (frontlighting without sufficient extra lighting for brightening the shadows. 
  • The lens is sometimes out of focus.
  • I do not really see the sense in spanking a girl on her skirt first and then let her get naked. A bare bottom spanking would have been more appropriate and convincing.
Résumé: nice spanking action but below GBS common standards. Fans of Ms. Beverly Bacci will nevertheless appreciate this movie clip.
Wishlist: I’m outing myself as a big fan of Ms. Bacci. For me she is one of the most beautiful spankees in the business: beautiful face, gorgeous bottom, pleasant overall appearance. If my information is correct she had retired from the business end of last year. That is a real bereavement for the spanking community.

Dear Ms. Bacci! 

You should not resign from the spanking movie business before you have shot at least - let say - three really good full scale spanking movies. By the way: a well done caning would show off your gorgeous bottom in the first place…


(Screenshots by S&C; © for all images by Girls-Boarding-School)


Review written by Lucipher_T

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