Kailee Robinson ("Christine") - Girls Boarding School (GBS)

Kailee Robinson alias "Christine" at Girls Boarding School (GBS)

Cast: Headmaster Tom, Kailee Robinson; Producer/Label: GBS

A few years ago well known american spanking model Kailee Robinson from Denver (Colorado), by then a busy model for "Real Spankings Institute", made a trip over the Atlantic Ocean to Spain (where GBS did a lot of their shootings in that time) to shoot some movie clips for "Girls Boarding School". For unknown reasons GBS labeled her as "Christine" instead of relying on her well established screen name Kailee Robinson.

Kailee is more than able to take a sound trashing and Headmaster Tom without further ado treats her with unforbearing strictness from the first moment.

The first clip is namend "My first day" (13:12 minutes).

Kailee arrives at Girls Boarding School in a somewhat oldfashioned school uniform and immediately gets a stern lecture on behalf of her discipline deficiencies. Follows a handspanking on Kailee's cute white regulation knickers first and then on the bare bottom. Headmaster Tom hands it out hard and Kailee takes it with some squirming and moaning. Follows a hard paddling with a big brown leather paddle on the bare bottom and with Kailee in "touch your toes position". At least a hard 15 strokes caning. Kailee counts the strokes and loudly calls out "Thank you, Sir!" after each stroke. Sometimes she has obviously some difficulties to stand still. She fidgets and immediately apologizes to Tom for that inappropriate behavoir.

Kailee without doubt is a real and true masochist and submissive (even though she switches in some later films) and that makes some impressing psychological interaction between her and Headmaster Tom.

The second clips is "Nude at daylight" (8:55 including some short trailer previews).
Sweet Kailee - maybe having a little bit too less warming sun in her allday life in frosty Colorado - takes a bath in the GBS spanish villa's pool. Naked of course - why should a pretty girl like Kailee Robinson hide her belongings from the sun or some lecherous spaniard passers-by? (Actually no unauthorized eye had have a chance to get a glimpse of course...)

Be that as it may - bathing and running around nude at daylight is strictly prohibited at Headmaster Tom's Girls Boarding School. So he tears down her big bathing towel when he catches her... weird logic somehow...

Kailee is send to the cellar completely naked. There she hunches up at the floor until a furious headmaster bounces into the basement. The naked culprit has to clasp a pillar, is yelled at and gets 38 hard strokes with a cane. Kailee moans and cries and is left looking a pictury of misery in the cellar when Headmaster Tom is ready with her. That scene has a somewhat weird touch because of a green watering can standing beside Kailee during the punishment...

This scene is very intense because he shows stome realy sadistic streak against Kailee. I understand that only too well - there are not so much spankees who teases a disciplinarian to hurt them duly as well as Kailee Robinson. In a certain way she really can provoke sadism...

Kailee's whole visit to Spain seems to be characterized by a severly naughty behavior. "Sober again" is the title of another GBS movie clip with "Christine".

After some fierce alcohol excess (she seems to have drunk a bottle of gin and half a bottle of scotch which is quite unrealistic as a girl like Kailee would recieve a massive alcohol intoxication from such an amount of gin and whiskey...) she is found by Headmaster Tom. I think that guy sometimes must ask himself secretely what he had done to deserve such outrageous pupils in his boarding school... 
But he is a man of action and drags drunken Kailee to the bathroom where she is given a cold shower (while wearing white panties what gives some very cute "wet panties effect"). Halfway sober again after that cold shower Kailee is bound to her bed with orange rope (maybe they have a sailing boot at GBS in Spain...) at wrists and ankles still wearing her wet panties. Some 40 strokes with the cane leaves her screaming, houling and clenching her fists. (The strokes are not administered on the bare bottom but on her panties which are pulled up into her wegde.) Between the strokes there is a lot of scolding her for drinking so irresponsibly.

"Sunday rules" (7:16 including some preview images)

Spain is a mostly hot and always catholic country so you may ask yourself what to do on sundays... (In realty that should be no problem at all in one of the spanish tourist regions...)

So Kailee lies on her bed and is reading some magazine when Headmaster Tom storms into the room. She is not naked and not drunken and not doing any nonsense so that he should be rather happy with her behavior. Far from it! A good boarding school's headmaster never is satisfied with his pupils' behavior because he is always eager to administer some strict punishment to them.

There is a long list with sunday obligations and poor Kailee is yelled at once more by the headmaster. She has to kneel on the bed and get her skirt liftet up. Follows a spanking with the big brown leather paddle Kailee had made acquaintance of at her first day - first on some glaring red lingerie and then on the bare buttocks.

"Voluntarely spankings"

Q: Who would let him or her be spanked voluntarely?
A: A girl who understands that she needs some punishment for correction. A masochistic girl. A masochistic girl who understands that she needs some punishment for correction. A spanking model who is paid for being spanking. A masochistic girl who is a spanking model who is paid for being spanked and understands that she needs some punishment for correction.

Check one. I for one prefer the last option when it comes up for Kailee Robinson.

Kailee reports to the headmaster who is just viewing tv. The weather forecast by the way what is very realistic when you are in Spain because some 35 percent of the spanish tv programms consist of weather forecast which often last for half an hour or even longer...

Ms. Robinson this time wears a tight white muscle shirt and thight worn out blue jeans - and looks gorgeous. Awesome. To take a bite. To make a marriage proposal. " Do you promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and honor, spank her, whip her, cane  her all the days of your life?" Or so.

Ok - Kailee is not going to marry the headmaster. (I'm not shure whether Tom would reject such an offer however...) She sees the necessity of some more spankings, put off her jeans and bents over the sofa's armrest displaying cute rose panties covering her behind. Follows a kind of paternal hand spanking which appears almost as painfull as the previous canings.


Six superb movie clips with Kailee Robinson being punished by one of the most skillful dom, top and headmaster of the spanking movie industry. These six movie clips belong to the best Kailee Robinson had shoot sofar. She gets it a lot harder than in most of her Real Spankings Institute punishments. The interaction between her and headmaster Tom is convincing. Camerawork is sufficient and there are a lot of close ups of Kailee's bottom as well of her face, her fett and so on.
We are completely pleased. (As Queenmum used to say before prospective Princess Diana had been introduced to her first time if I remember rightly...)
Résumé: Great work. Must to have for all Kailee Robinson fans.

Wishlist: Kailee Robinson starring in a Lupus Pictures movie as well as making a tour through Peter Schober's (Pain4Fem) tool shed. She could make the trip from Prague to Bratislava by train easily. More Kailee Robinson movies with some psychological interaction. This girl undoubtedly has some competence in acting and above all in displaying emotional reactions.

(© for all images by Girls Boarding School)

Review written by Lucipher_T


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