"Strict Prison 3" - Pain4Fem

"Strict Prison 3" - Pain4Fem 

Producer/Label: Pain4Fem
released 2007; (46:40 minutes)
Cast: Peter and Helen Schober and Kelly as prison warders; Valerie (as Karla Wessala) and Louise (as Louise Kratochwill) as convicts

There is an old and nasty tradition in the corrections system of german-language countries. Until the middle of the 19th century there had been some custom called "Willkomm". That's a contraction of the german word "Willkommen!" which means "Wellcome (to)..."

Detainees were "wellcomed" at the beginning of their internment with a corporal punishment of 40 strokes with a rod or a cane. (And by the way they often were said good by at the end of their term in the same way...)

Peter Schober, acting as a austrian prison warder in the "Strict Prison" movies, revives this interesting tradition for Pain4fem. But we will get to this later...


At first detainee "Louise Kratochwil" has to be punished because she attempted to flee from the prison. And yes - there are people in Austria which bear the name "Kratochwil". It's quasi a proto-austrian name. (Even if Fräulein Kratochwil is played by a girl from Czechia or Slowakia - as I like to guess...)

Now the world for all times will owe US president George W.Bush some special symbol for humilitation of prisoners: the orange colour detainee overall. Pain4Fem understandably could not resist the temptation, too. So Miss Kratochwil wears an orange overall when she is brought to the "waiting cell" where the prisoners have to wait for further treatment. Now ... "brought to the cell" is a little bit euphemistic as Louise is rather kicked by prison warder Kelly's boots to the cell.

A wicked scene - cp movies can be a lot more than only whipping and caning. It's about humilitation and abuse of power as well. Louise pays back with some cursing like "dammed pigs".

While waiting for her punishment she fell asleep (that's rather unlikely but  - ok - there is a need to insert some dream into the movie so she has to have a nap). Louise dreames of prison warder Kelly beeing caned and whipped by Peter Schober. Of course we can see her dream in extensive sequences. (Prison warder Kelly had been trashed in a previous "Strict Prison" movie indeed but not by Schober but by some detainees who had overhelmed her.)

At least she wakes up and is brought to the punishment room where she is strapped over the punishment trestle and given a sound whipping with willow rods first by prison warders Kelly and Helen and then by Peter Schober (to make sure that this punishment is administered with sufficient severity).

Next scene: new detainee Karla Wessala (Valerie) is brought to the prison.

Karla is really a cute brat. In the beginning she appeares a little bit arrogant and tries to appear cool chewing her chewing gum all the time. But that will change soon.

We see a well done classic "commitment into prison" scene. Karla has to undress and her belongings are checked by the prison warders. Then she is brought to the medical station for a gynaecological exploration of her body orifices. This scene is shown extensive and detailed. You see: a gynaecological chair cannot be used only for some "gyn play"... At least she gets dressed with the mandatory orange prisoners overall and is brought back to her cell.

But not for long. Follows the "Willkomm!" Stubborn Karla has to strip naked except for socks and gmynastic shoes. Then she is chained over a small and low table getting her bottom lifted up by a rolled up blanket. She gets the traditionell 40 strokes with an instrument that I think as a kind of rattan rod with 4 twigs.

In a few seconds cool Karla looses all of her pretension when the rod smacks on her bare buttocks. She screams and cries and tears fill her eyes as we can see in some fine facial close up shots. Eventually the trembling girl is brought back to her cell where she lies on a wooden plank bet weeping and rubbing her sore bottom. No show, no fake - this punishment did hurt.

Prison cp movies are a strong point of Pain4Fem. "Strict Prison 3" clearly underlines that once more. There is a lot of good caning and whipping action which is filmed very well. The Pain4Fem girls are as cute as ever and the story is plausible.

Why should prison warders improvise with a table and some blankets and chains to arrange a punishment trestle when there is an appropriate punishment trestle they just had used a few minutes ago? Ok - the classic "Willkomm!" had been administered on delinquents lying flat on a wooden bench according to contemporary illustrations. But then take a proper bench of sufficient length please and do not improvise with some coffee table.

Résumé: besides this minor criticism "Strict Prison 3" is a well done prison cp movie which enthusiasts will appreciate.

Wishlist: what shall I say? For me prison cp movies always arouse an urgent wish to dedicate a substantial amount of my time to the strict and consequent correction of female detainees. Maybe I should go into the aspiring private owned prison industry. Maybe there is some very special market niche which I could fill with some above average competence. And isn't there a saying in economics science: "offers generates demands"?

There remains the unanswered question why for all the world there seem to be so many wanton young beautiful girls in the Vienna-Bratislava-Prague region? Considering how often how many of them had to be punished with canes and whips and straps...

(© for all images Pain4Fem)

Review written by Lucipher_T

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