Handspanking for Rowina after beeing caned - XEROTICS

Rowina gets a hard handspanking after being caned -
“Digitally remastered” by XEROTICS

Producer/Label: Xerotics; (6:07 minutes)

Shortly after she had recieved 12 hard strokes with a cane Rowina gets a hard and long handspanking by a cute blonde with a gorgeous bottom. You can see distinctive the welts on Rowina's buttocks when she is lying over the blonde's knees.

At the beginning of that movie clip Rowina is as stubborn and unaffected as in that remarkable caning movie clip. But soon she shows some effect and is moaning while the swats hit her bottom. It is really weird that this handspanking is obviously more painfull to this tough girl than the previous caning.

Résumé: This clip is as fine as every movie with spankee actress Rowina.
Wishlist:  I'd like to see that cute blonde lady who hands out the spanking herself beeing aim of some strict punishment. She has a really gorgeous jeans bottom and I'm shure that her bottom would be a appealing view if bared, too...

(Screenshots from Xerotics-Movie by S&C)

Review written by Lucipher_T

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