"Lazy Maids" - Pain4Fem

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Producer/Label: Pain4Fem
released 2005; (50:06 minutes)
Cast: Nicoletta and Sarah (the maids), Liana (their employeer) and Peter Schober (the gardener)

Lazy maids Nicoletta and Sarah are what is a nightmare for every wealthy houseowner and a dream for every spanking movie producer: lesbians who prefer to abandon theirselves to vice and carnal desires than to do their work properly.

We know what will be the consequences: some strict punishment. But first you have to bring these brats into a situation in which they readily will accept corporal punishment. This in turn is easily done. The lady of the house seizes Nicoletta and Sarah while having sex instead of cleaning the house and fires them. The brats beg for mercy. If they would come home and have to confess their missdeeds to their parents punishment would be getting beating black and blue.

Madam thinks a moment and then decides that this could be done as well in her house what would mean to waive the dismissal. And don't you forget how difficult it can be to get some reliable domestic servants. Eh... hadn't those brats just proved to be not so reliable...? Ok - better do not ask for too much logic in a corporal punishment movie.

Of course the punishment shall have sufficient effect - and here comes the gardener. He's a downright bully and should be able to hand it out in a way that really hurts. By random there is an "african whip" (a hippo whip??) in this household used as decoration by now.

So - why do not stay with that somehow fitting story?

At first Liana gives a otk hand spanking to Nicoletta Sarah. Madam - if that shall be an efficient punishment you never will get your household running properly. It's not far from being ridiculous. I'm sorry to say that.

Fortunately "Josef, the gardener" (Peter Schober) takes over and gives both girls a trashing with that "african whip".

Next scene: both maids have to undress and Liana fetches a cane from some flowerpot. Fortunately they are using rattan sticks for their plants in this household instead of bamboo. At first Nicoletta has to bend over the kitchen table almost naked and gets a sound caning. Well - that punishment may result in a positive change of behavior. "Josef" hands it out thoroughly to Nicoletta as well as to Sarah who follows her companion bending over the table.

There is some very fine caning action with the girls moaning and screaming and bouncing around. In the end both maids have some explicit marks on their buttocks. And are eager for revenge. So they are fantazising about giving her boss a large dose of her own medicine. Of course we get this phantasy displayed explicitely. "Josef" canes Liana while the two maids are holding her down.

"Lazy Maids" brings a lot of fine and no nonsense whipping and caning action. All three ladies are gorgeous spankees. Liana seems to have some really masochistic streak as she repeatedly shows a facial expression of lust while getting caned.

The handspankings are scrap. The story isn't laid out very precise. If it is a "household punishment" why do not take some domestic implements? A carpet beater for instance instead of an "african whip". A gardener could take some birch or willow twigs from the garden when being called for administering the punishment.
Résumé: "Lazy Maids" is not one of the best Pain4Fem movies but you have to see that it's their second movie at all. An early work with some charm... 

Wishlist: CP stories should be as consistent as possible. Folks - you obviously have a large reservoir of beautiful girls and women eager to getting spanked or whipped or caned in your movies. Please don't sell them short. These girls and women are gorgeous. They deserve the best storylines one can invent and the best realisation one can do.
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Review written by Lucipher_T


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