Peter Schober's "Caning Machine"

A weird invention - Peter Schober’s “Caning Machine” 

Producer/Label: Pain4Fem; (50:00 minutes) 
First of all: I do not understand why anybody should spare the possibility to hand out a sound caning to an attractive young woman. I really do not understand that.
So why should someone construct and build a “caning machine”? Maybe Peter Schober of “Pain4Fem” and “Spankingserver” could explain it because he is the guy who did so.
I think he must have an enormous urge of exploring things (”Forscherdrang” is it called by the Germans) and play instincts as well. And above all: that weird machine works. A lot of girls who had been strapped onto that machine will confirm: yes, hell, it works. Almost too good…

It’s a complicated but robust mechanism controlled by a special software as you can see in the picture above. It’s adjustable in height, speed, and of course the number of strokes. It is installed on rolles so it can be brought precisely into the correct position for each individual delinquent.
In those pictures displayed here it is Nicol who will be caned by this diabolical apparatus - or is it still the guy (or woman) who pushes the button (or clicks the mouse) who is responsible for pain and humiliation?
Presumably it is.

The “mechanized caning” has sufficient results as you can seeIn the meanwhile there are a lot of girls who had been strapped onto the “caning machine” or its sister the “whipping machine”. We will review the films one by one in the near future but I selected Nicol for a first example because this movie (”The Spanking Machine - Nicol”) has some distinctive charme.
Nicol is brought in handcuffs into the punishment room where the caning machine is installed. As so often Peter Schober wears a kind of police or prison guard uniform as well as his female companion who serves the notebook from which the caning machine is operated. The girl does not wear a prisoner’s outfit but just a black mini skirt and a coloured summer blouse and sandals. We might imagine that she is coming just from the court where she was sentenced to a caning which is administered by this caning machine. Probably all this happens in a modern country which exploits modern technologies. And for shure a caning machine is more neutral and consistent than a human caner. And such a machine knows neither compassion nor anger.
I don’t know whether “Nicol” is the first movie in which Peter Schober uses his caning machine but it seems to me that there is some “trial and practicing” in this movie. Which makes a bit of that “charme” I talked about. Nicol for instance seems to be as curios as scared by that machine and watches the preparations for her caning with some apparent interest after she had been fixed with an assortment of straps to the wooden rack.

It appears that Nicole’s bottom is positioned a little bit to high so Schober’s companion pulls of Nicole’s shoes. But at least anything seems to fit and the caning can start und Schober makes the last adjustments to the cane.
Does that sound a little bit “technically”? Maybe but the movie ist worth watching it. There is a lot of eagerness to experiment in it. And that brings some humour to the action. A few last test strokes through the air - and Nicol watching it beeing scared increasingly. Her cute white ass is displayed vulnerable to the cane and she tightly grasps the handles of the caning rack. Before the caning starts Nicol’s buttocks are rubbed with some mysterious lotion by Schober’s companion. Schober orders his assistant to select “40 strokes” in the caning machine’s software - and there she goes…
The rest of the movie is: a medium hard caning by the caning machine, a lot of clenching her teeth (first) and moaning and crying (later) by Nicol, and some additional adjustments for the caning machine by Peter Schober. It’s a really nice and not too soft caning filmed from various angles with a lot of beautiful images of a beautiful girl suffering quite beautifully.
After the 40th stroke Nicol is freed from the caning rack and gets her buttocks treated by Schober’s assistant with some other lotion. (I would prefer some longer glimpes of her welted and bruised bottom instead of that lotion treatment…)

Résumé: a caning movie that is erotic and shows a lot of good caning action (40 strokes!) as well as an interesting invention - the “caning machine”. Those fabulous “caning machines” had appeared again and again in erotic literature for more than 100 years and Peter Schober definitely is not the first to use such an apparatus for a caning movie. Nevertheless the whole series is really remarkable.

Wishlist: I definitely do not want a “caning machine” as a gift next christmas. But I definitely want to know where all those cute, beautiful and submissive spankee actresses come from Peter Schober can cast for his movies. It would be a pleasant obligation to convince them that no caning machine ever can substitute a cane wielded by the human hand of an experienced caner. At least for erotic purposes…

(© for all images Pain4Fem/Spankingserver)

Review written by Lucipher_T

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