Rowina - 12 strokes caning

Rowina gets 12 hard strokes with a cane -
“Digitally remastered” by XEROTICS

Producer/Label: Xerotics; (3:35 minutes)
The story is easily told:
Young and cute girl dressed in a kind of “school uniform” stands in a room with wooden floor, walls painted light blue and furnished with a chair. Guy dressed with jeans, shirt and sneakers and a long and nasty cane is present, too. Guy tells girl that she will be punished with 12 strokes of the cane. Girl bends over the chair, guy lifts girl’s skirt and apllies 3 full force strokes with the cane on her green regulation knickers. Then guy pulls down her knickers and applies another 9 full force strokes on her bare bottom. Girl pulls her knickers up and adjusts her skirt. Girl promises that she will not have to be punished again in the future and leaves the room. 3 minutes 35 seconds at all.
Sounds boring? No less than that!
That guy definitely knows how to wield a cane. He pulls the strokes with full force over the poor girl’s backside. But Rowina is a very special breed. She smiles during the first 8 or 9 strokes. Yes - you got that right: she smiles. She grins. She takes that cane strokes without batting an eye…

Really: I think I never have seen a spankee taking her dose in such a stoical way. She is ordered to count the last six strokes and at number 10 you can hear that she is breathing a little bit more strained. Afterwards then she is smiling again. A true masochist girl, without doubt.
It’s one of the finest and most proper caning actions I had ever seen in a caning movie. To make it even better the strokes are shown double from different angles so that you can watch the cane hitting her behind and her reactions, too.
The sound is as lousy as so often in caning and spanking movies so I do not really understand what the are talking. (You guys should learn to use microphone gallows - that’s the only proper and professional way to record sound for movies.) Rowinas skirt is much too short for a suitable school girl’s uniform. It rarely covers her regulation knickers. But maybe she is punished just for that misdemeanor- who knows… (Me not because … I wrote it above…) But she is really cute in her black skirt and white blouse with a black-and-white stripes tie, with her white knee socks and black patent-leather shoes. Last but not least she has a gorgeous bottom…

Résumé: a short and wicked caning movie which caning lovers would like to have as an infinite loop. Hard no nonsense strokes and a few nice cane welts. It is absolutely dubios why this girl had not made a great career as spankee model like for instance Niki Flynn or Pandora Blake.
Wishlist: a passionate caner cannot help seeing Rowina as an impertinent challenge. The challenge would be: could I bring that girl sheding some tears while beeing caned? The “Mood Pictures” people might be able to do so, and maybe the “Lupus Pictures” people. That definitely would be a great charity sponsoring event: Rowina taking cane strokes for $10 each as donation for some charity organization. I bet she easily could rise a 4-digit amount of money.

(Screenshots from Xerotics-Movie by S&C)

Review written by Lucipher_T

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