"Worst Case" - Girls Boarding School (GBS)

“Worst Case” - Girls Boarding School (GBS)

Cast: Headmaster Tom, Abigail Witthaker and Beverly Bacci; Producer/Label: GBS

(12:00 minutes)

Best news first: Ms. Beverly Bacci at least got the sound caning I urged for in my review of  "No Swear Words".
But one by one...

Q: What does it need to make a fine spanking/caning movie clip?
A: A cute spankee with a nice face and a gorgeous spankable behind, a skilled spanker/caner and some suitable surroundings, enough light and a cameraman with some average competence.

"Worst Case" has not only one but two cute spankies with nice face and gorgeous bottom: Americans Abigail Witthaker and Beverly Bacci. It has a capable spanker too: Headmaster Tom. Those are the brownie points. The weaker point is: a lighting better as in "No Swear Words" but not really state of the art- too much frontlighting without suitable reflektors. And GBS movies' sound quality could have some improvements, too.

Abi Whittaker and Beverly Bacci are as cute es ever. Both appear in Jeans and some light shirt. Ms. Bacci by the way is a "jeans woman" as Miss Whittaker is a "jeans girl" - if you know what I mean... They had have some spankings and paddlings together that day and now it is: worst case - the cane. Having a look through all latest records from Abi and Beverly and seeing so many failures in the past just have lead to this worst implement for a punishment. 

Headmaster Tom barks them into the room with a cane in hand each and orders them to put their jeans down. And their knickers (Abi wears a thong). And put them on again. And off again. "As quick as you can!" That may sound a little bit weird but it definitely helps to reprimand the girls and give them some feelings of humiliation.

Then Beverly has to bend over with Abi bend over her back. Six strokes with the cane on the bare. Girls change position. Beverly's buttocks are heavily bruised already from the previous spankings and strappings but nevertheless she gets "six of the best. Again chance of positions and a second times six strokes for Abi. And at least another six strokes for Beverly. At the 12th stroke she has some tears in her eyes which makes her incredibly beautiful.

Headmaster Tom hands out the strokes in a perfect way which is not always self evident either for caning movies nor for GBS caning movies. If you want to deliver the full impact of the cane to the person who is caned and to inflict a maximum of effect of the caning you have not only to "swing" the cane but also (as Zille Defeu, an experienced caner and canee once said) you have to "beat through you aim as if you want to hit something a little bit behind it". Very often caners in caning movies stall the force of their hit just a millisecond before the cane hits the buttocks. Of course that reduces the pain and maybe in some productions that's exactly the reason for doing so.

So this nice 12 minutes movie clips really gives you a good introduction in the art of caning.

Also interesting: when Abi is caned Beverly is contorting her face much more than Abi when the cane hits Abi's buttocks. She clearly suffer vicariously with Abi. Abi however does not bat an eye when Beverly is caned while bending over Abi's back.


Very good no nonsense caning actions. A separate cane for each girl - a fine point in the ages of HIV.
A better lighting would be fine.
A fine caning movie with two gorgeous models and a pleasure to view.

Wishlist: more and harder canings for Ms Bacci who should not resign as a spanking model but should please the audience with many more years of acting as a "professional victim". Ms. Bacci: you are just like high class french wine: getting better and more adorable with each year. And more mutual action of Abigail Witthaker and Beverly Bacci. You girls are a good team.

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Review written by Lucipher_T

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