"Boot Camp 1 + 2" - Pain4Fem

"Boot Camp" + "Boot Camp 2" - Pain4Fem

Producer/Label: Pain4Fem

(55:13 and 41:48 minutes)

Cast "Boot Camp": Katty, Eva and Lady as recruits; Peter and Helen Schober as instructors
Cast "Boot Camp 2": Valerie, Shannon, Patricie and Sylvia as recruits; Peter and Helen Schober as instructors

Let my put the criticism on the first place this time.

Every seasoned drill sergeant of the Royal Marine Commandos or the Welsh Fusileers, every US Marines lance corporal or German Bundeswehr Feldwebel would smile indulgently about this "boot camp".

Or - maybe not. Instead he maybe would hustle Helen Schober through the drill ground's 12 inch thick mud for at least three hours for saluting with one hand in her trouser's pocket...!!! (Or standing there with both hands deeply hidden in her pockets...!) Those swear words I would have heard from my military instructors for such an outstanding, unacceptable, rogue outrageousness are not appropriate to be published on a blog. Not even on an adult blog.

So it's no surprise that the drill techniques in that Pain4Fem boot camp are... positively said ... rather peaceful.

Besides the corporal punishments for the recruits. And of course that is what the movie is for. So my criticism maybe misses the point a little bit. Okay. Maybe the producers even can be excused because they are Austrians. Austria and the military... More than a century after the ages of Marshall Radetzky... I once heard a nice joke from an officer of the Swiss Army serving together with an Austrian bataillon with KFOR in Kosovo. It says: "The 'Bundesheer' [the Austrian Army] has 3 vehicles. The first one is under way. The second one is at maintenance. And the third one is displayed in the touring exhibition 'Unser Bundesheer' ['Our Austrian Army'...]."

But of course that's only a bad joke...

The first boot camp is located outdoor (in a kind of garden) and the second indoor in the typical surroundings of Pain4Fem.

Commendation and Résumé:
What do you get in "Boot Camp" and "Boot Camp 2"?
A lot of cute chicks in camouflage or underwear or naked getting caned and whipped. Peter Schober and his wife Helen in camouflage. A lot of screams and welts and bruises. No nonsene corporal punishment.
In other words: you get a lot.

Me handed over let say 10 Pain4Fem chicks for a real boot camp weekend. A weekend full of barking and yelling and giving them shit and in the end of each day every girl is soundly caned. Those who do not deserve a punishment because they did well get a full dose just for the sake of pure arbitrariness and those did not well get the double dose. (And who dares to protest against this treatment gets a triple dose...)

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Review written by Lucipher_T

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