The Cane for Debbie

“The Cane for Debbie” - Xerotics (Digitally Remastered)

Cast: Debbie, Unknown Caner; Producer/Label: Xerotics
(16:08 minutes)

Location: an improvised film studio faking some sports hall. Protagonists: Debbie, a 18-something "girl next door", and a mid-twenty sports coach character. Debbie could go as a prototype of those "girl/woman next door" actresses you find so often in british spanking movies. Honestly: I like that type. Perfect casting for a spankee.

Debbie wears sweatpants (as the instructor does) and a short top bearing the label "USA". Dialogues are not of real importance. Debbie is to be spanked and caned. We can be shure that some misdemeanors had been committed. The girl has to bend over an outworn gym trestle. Instructor pulls down her sweatpants and knickers.

Then the girl gets handspanked. This lasts for some minutes. Afterwards Debbie reliefs herself at the toilet. As we all know many men like to watch women peeing - for what reasons whatsoever... Then the girl has to bend over the trestle again and gets some more swats. This actress has really a nice body with soft curves and a nice, spankable bottom.
Instructor fetches a cane and hands out some 25 very light "strokes" on Debbie's bare buttocks. I rather like to say: some 25 mild pats with the cane. Debbie nevertheless fidgets, struggles and squeaks. The "caning" leaves some very pale marks which surely will have vanished 15 minutes after the "caning" was over.

Commendation: the overall acting of Debbie isn't bad. Nice facial expressions, showing some shame and tentativeness. And a very spankable bottom.
Criticism: The spanking is mild (that's okay - why one should not do a mild spanking from time to time), the "caning" is just ridiculous. Either the actress is no spankee at all and had not agreed into even a light caning - or she must have feeled mocked up.
Resumée: a prototype of boring, senseless "spanking movies".
Wishlist: some true caning for Debbie. Maybe six medium hard strokes for a start. Let's see whether this girl is a true spankee or not. 

(Screenshots by S&C; copyright for all images by Xerotics

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