A Crime at St. Thomas School

Directed by: Thomas J. Marco
Written by: Pavel Stastny
Based on a story by: Tomas J. Marco
Pavel Stastny, Pavel Krcin Jan Zacek
Director of Photography: Rudolf P. Weiss
Editor: Erik Vassaluz
Starring: Michaella Mysh Judasova as Jana Kaudlova, Lucie Ramberkola as Kristyna Smidova, Katerina Podbelohorska as Lenka Hudlova
Producer/Label: Rig-East/Lupus Pictures
(1:05:23 hrs)

Be aware: this is not just another "bdsm porn movie". "A Crime at St.Thomas School" instead is a full scale movie in professional cinema quality dealing extensively with some erotic punishment phantasies.

Let me outline the story first. "St.Thomas School" is a conservative mannered school somewhere in the East (of Europe). Their conservativism sometimes is a little bit strange - as female pupils have to display their underwear in class so that the teacher can prove the girls are wearing appropriate dress - but that should not dim the viewer's pleasure. All these opening scenes serve for showing the mood, atmosphere and way of life at this old fashioned school for girls.

The girls - their age within the story may be 16 or 17 (the actresses are older than 18 of course) - are hacked off especially by their chemistry teacher who obviously thinks them to be mostly dull morons. That shall appear as a grave mistake because some of the girls are at least able to cleverly sabotage one of the chemistry teacher's experiments. Unfortunately this sabotage act is a little bit too successful and so the chemistry teacher is blown up together with his chemical substances and killed.

A treacherous act of murder in a spanking movie? Yes. But for some reasons of no further interest this crime is not handled by police and justice but by the board of the school and the headmistress. So nobody get jailed but it's the time for coporal punishment. If you can ignore that slight touch of a lack of reality nothing will stand in the way to enjoy the forthcoming disciplinary action. (Those opening scenes lasts some 33 minutes but again: this is not a simple porn movie but a full scale cinema style movie. So it's fine to see the storyline getting developed.)

At first the headmistress sends for a bigger paddle as those available at St.Thomas. A huge wooden paddle is delivered from a 17-something boy in old fashioned britches from a neigbouring boys school. The treacherous girls of St.Thomas will get it hard.

The whole class then is paddled by the school's janitor while the headmistress is standing by. There are eleven girls to be punished so you get to see a lot of stern and concentrated punishment.

After this collective punishment the headmistress states that she is convinced all the girls had have knowledge of this infamous assassination but only two or three of them would be the real culprits. She threatens the girls with an additional much more heavy paddling if they should not reveal those girls who are responsible of that outrageous act. The first paddling had have an sufficient derrent effect so without hesitation they name of their three classmates who had mixed the deadly mixture. Jana, Kristyna and Lenka then are lead away by the headmistress. In the headmistresses office all three had to strip naked and are bound over a caning bench. In front of the remaining staff of St.Thomas School all three girls get 30 hard strokes with a cane. Lenka (Katerina Podbelohorska) starts crying even before the caning begins and the other girls are screaming and begging as well.

Commendation: Script, dialogues, furnishings, camera work, lighting and sound of "A Crime at St.Thomas School" are clearly at a professional standard. Acting capacities of the actors and actresses including the punished girls equal this standard. As so many "Rig-East/Lupus" movies this movie is a class of its own. You see fine paddlings and canings together with wonderful facial reactions. Impertinent girls are punished harshly while teachers are cruel and sadistic.

Critics: Swabbing the killed chemistry teacher's blood from the floor may be seen as a little bit exaggerated. A substantially wounded victim would have been perfectly sufficient for the story. But I do not want to niggle...
Resumée: "A Crime at St.Thomas School" is one of the best spanking and caning movies released within the last ten years. It fits to the highest standards of Rig-East/Lupus Pictures and definitely is not a movie which will be forgotten a few years after its release.
Wishlist: A very long one. I wish I could write some screenplays for RGE/Lupus, I wish I could act as a caner with those temptating spankees, I would work as a director or as a spark for the Czechs...

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