The Settlement

The Settlement

Directed by: Zbysek Podhajsky
Written by: Pavel Stastny and Thomas J. Marco
Screenplay: Pavel Stastny
Pavel Stastny, Pavel Krcin Jan Zacek
Director of Photography: Rudolf P. Weiss
Editor: Erik Vassaluz
Starring: Katerina Svobodova as First Sister, Luzi Prochazkova as Second Sister, Sara Robertova as First Friend, Ingrid Valovicova as Second Friend, Zbysek Podhajsky as chalet owner, Pavel Stastny as ranger, Tomas Gumsa as doctor, Petr Podkalsky as investigator, Jindrich Barta as father, Vera Smikmatorova as mother.

Label: Rig-East/Lupus Pictures
(28:39 min)

"The Settlement" is by far one of the finest Rig-East/Lupus Pictures movie even if it often may be overshadowed by the more famous movies of this company.

The story is presented in form of a documentary of a allegedly real case. (There are rumors that "The Settlement" may be inspired by a real case that happened in Czechoslovakia in the 1990ies.)  Four young girls (two sisters and two friends of them) are strolling in a wood when suddenly heavy rain comes down. The girls break into a chalet deep in the wood seeking shelter from the rain. Of course their clothes are soaked and so they strip naked to dry their stuff. And since they are there they loot the stores of food and alcohol.

Comes in: the chalet owner and a forest ranger. They do not feel sympathetic to burglars. Of course. It's a spanking movie and somebody have to have a reason to punish somebody else...

But that's no the beginning of the movie. In the beginning we see a young girl walking around at home only covered by a towel when she leaves the bathroom. Her mother notices that her daugther's buttocks are heavily bruised and welted. Mother of course wants to know what has happend, the girl confesses what has happened and there we go - to the police. (It seems that mother is as outraged about her daughter doing something stupid as well as about somebody beating her bottom black and blue...)

All the girls, the chalet owner and the ranger are questioned at the police station. A physician had made photographs of the girls bruised buttocks which are displayed at the inspectors desktop. In a series of well cut flashbacks we see in length and detailed what has happened in that chalet then. The ranger holds the naked girls at gun-point with a shotgun while the chalet owner fetches a thick twig (a more than sufficient substitute for the regular Lupus cane!) and hands out some 15 to 20 strokes on the bare to each of the girls. These are squirming, struggling, fidgeting, screaming and crying.

Seems an everyday description to you as an experienced and demanding consumer of spanking and caning movies? Don't allow yourself to be decieved. 

"The Settlement" is an outstandig fine piece of erotic movie artwork. The caning scenes are superb. Girls beeing humiliated by adult men who hold them at gun-point while they have to bend over a old and shabby commode in the chalet one by one. The chalet's setting is perfect, the lighting is perfect, the acting of all characters is perfect. The girls suffering is not faked but very real. In the end their buttocks are bruised and welted in an astonishing way. You may bet that those poor spankee actresses had have some difficulties after the shooting.

It's a nasty story - a story of abuse of power. And the story goes on. At least the girls' parents, the chalet owner, the ranger and the police inspector agree that nothing really bad has happened. Four naughty girls broke into private property and then had to feel the proper consequences for their grievous misdemeanour. In the very last scene of "The Settlement" we see the two sisters kneeling with bared bottoms while their father rises a cane - to give them just an additional punishment.

Commendation: Only 28 minutes but by all means a really great corporal punishment movie. The spankee actresses are superb and giving their best. The other actors act at the same high level. We got to see four wonderful bruised beautiful bottoms, great reactions, tears, moaning, screaming, trembling legs. You virtually can feel the humiliation those poor girls had to bear. The story is quite plausible, very well written and very well filmed. Camerawork, lighting, sound set standards. The RGE/Lupus crew even was succesfull creating perfect images in this rather small and narrow "chalet". (It's just a small hut in the wood...)
Critics: It's not really believable that a girl who just had her bottom trashed yesterday would run through her family's flat almost naked so that her parents could see... But I don't want to be carping.
Resumée: One of the best pieces in a series of really good RGE/Lupus corporal punishment movies.
Wishlist: Next to having a hut somewhere in a Czech wood and getting unwanted visit by a bunch of nice and naughty masochistic czech girls (and finding some policemen with such an understanding for an appropriate punishment of such girls!) maybe a sequel. Ten years later these four girls meet again with the chalet owner and the ranger and think it's time for a re-enactment...


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