No Shared Showers

Starring:  Donna, Jo, Officer Rawling

Label: Spank Camp

Girls must not amuse together harmlessly. Why? I definitely do not know. But if they do nevertheless that's a fine reason for some corporal punishment. So I think it is okay. CP movies need reasons for punishment.
Donna and Jo, two wellknown twenty-somethingspankee actresses, are together in the washrooms of some school gym or something like this. Maybe it's a reform school. Or a juvenil prison. Who cares? It's a sufficient ambiente for disciplinary actions against young truculent ladies.
So Donna and Jo are amusing themselves with putting on some lotion for each other and so on. Then: appearance of Officer Rawlings. Officer Rawlings is a well known disciplinarian who acted in a lot of british cp movies. And this lady knows how to wield the cane. She is one of the better british cp movies caners. One of the best I like to say.
But first this movie starts as so many british cp movies. The usual cliches. Girl have to lay over the knees of other girl. Officer gives a little hand spanking. Then a little paddling with something that reminds of a ping pong racket. So I was at the brink of using the fast forward button. Just another rather boring cp movie.

Beware!  Officer Rawlings fetches the cane. A long, slim, nasty cane. And as I remarked above: Officer Rawlings is an experienced and well skilled caner. And a hard one.

So Jo has to kneel on a kind of stool and gets 20 hard strokes with the cane. You hear the sound of the cane swishing through the air. You hear the sound of the cane smacking on the young woman's bare buttocks. And you hear her moaning, howling, screaming, crying. Caning action at its best. We get nice impact shoots and even better facial shots. The best of all: Donna's face while viewing her companion getting trashed. It seems that the strokes landing on Jo's bottom hurts Donna even more than Jo. Donna flinches and almost got tears in her eyes just from viewing the scene.

Jo is vigorously weeping when her punishment is over. Now it's Donna's turn. Again 20 hard strokes. Well aimed strokes. Jo is looking at the scene frightened and still weeping. Donna takes her doze very brave. Officer Rawlings hands over the girls' panties. The End.

Commendation: Great caning action.
Critics: Spank Camp's producers should have leave out those cliche spanking scenes in the beginning. Instead of that: an enlengthened caning. More than 20 strokes would be fine but are not mandatory. One could use this 20 minutes for a even more calm and formal caning. Giving the girls just a few more minutes of fear and frightening.
Resumee: Well done caning movie.
Wishlist: More formal cold disciplinary canings handed out by Officer Rawlings and more canings for Donna and Jo. Both are very caneable cuties. I especially like their "girl next door" look.

Written by Lucipher_T - copyright for all screenshots by Spank Camp

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