Stepbrother's Helping Hand

Starring: Audrey Knight, Brandon Summers, Sir Christopher Robin
(5 parts with 16 section, combined 67:30)

Miss Audrey Knight is a cute and very handsome twenty-something spankee who startet her career as a spanking actress with some rather minor spanking labels and now runs her own business "" together with a sister website "" which distributes video clips of Miss Knights dominant activities.
"Stepbrother's Helping Hand" is split into five parts. In "The Invitation" Sir Christoph Robin (who seems to be the somewhat official disciplinarian for naughty and insubordinate Audrey) introduces Audrey's "stepbrother" Brandon Summers but only giving his ward a sound handspanking first on her knickers and then on the bare buttocks.

By the way - knickers... Miss Knight obviously has a strong disposition to weird, absurd and ridiculous knickers - with coloured hearts, mischievous slashes and silly slogans printed on it. In other words: her knickers are as spankable as they are a sufficient reason by itself to spank her.

I like to say that Audrey is a girl (or better: a young woman) who tempts a passionate spanker to spank her - and spank her hard - just with her personal presence. A little bit naughty, a litte bit insubordinate, a little bit stubborn, a little bit defiant. In no moment she leads us to believe that she enjoys getting spanked and strapped and thrashed. (Though of course you may bet that she does...) In her movies she seems to be humiliated by those spankings rather than being sexually aroused. She moans, gasps for breath and gulps back her tears.
In part two "The Pinch Hitters" Audrey is spanked thoroughly by her "stepbrother" Brandon with hand and brush. Unnecessary to count the swats - poor Audrey gets dozens and hundreds during this 67 and a half minutes. Further handspankings and a hard belting come up in part three "Homework Proctor". Sir Robin joins Brandon again punishing naughty Audrey. Part four changes the location. It's not longer school and homework and this stuff but the garden. "Green Thumb, Red Butt". You may bet. Brandon punishes his stepsister with the bare hand, a wooden paddle and a twig. At least there is part five - "Kitchen Discipline". Audrey is thrashed with a thong and the bare hand.

Commendation: a nice movie featuring a very cute and handsome spankee. Spanking actions are not really outstanding but Miss Audrey Knight is just a "must have".
Critics: camerawork isn't really bad - but definitely improvable.
Resumee: overall it's above average.
Wishlist: a weekend with Miss Knight - just to hand out some disciplinary measures and making some technically better movie with her. And a visit to Lupus Pictures "Headmaster's Study" for little Audrey. I'd really like to see how she holds herself getting a no nonsense caning.

Review written by Lucipher_T - Screenshots by S&C - Copyright for all images by

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