Father Christmas Mischievious Gingerbread Girl

Starring: Audrey Knight, Richard Windsor
Label: TearsForAudrey.com
(4 parts, overall 16:19)

 If I got it right: Father Christmas (Richard Windsor) is angry because Little Mischievious Gingerbread Girl Audrey (Audrey Knight) had sipped all the bourbon. At least I think that's the story.

So Father Christmas puts Little Mischievious Gingerbread Girl over his knees, spanks her, paddles her with a hairbrush and finally canes her.
Could be a really nice movie. All ingredients are at hand: cute Mischievious Gingerbread Girl Audrey Knight, her very spankable bottom, a passable spanker, acceptable storyline...
But, sorry, the camerawork is really lousy. And that spoils most of the enjoyment.

Commendation: *grmpf*
Critics: lousy lighting, lousy camerawork.
Resumee: a really indecent waste of talent.
Wishlist: a judical 25-strokes-caning for Audrey Knight for wasting her talent in such an outrageous way. Mrs. Knight - if you have the capacity of discernment to accept this judgement I'm ready at all times to execute this punishment.

Review written by Lucipher_T; screenshots by S&C - copyright for all images by TearsForAudrey.com 

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